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I.  DAVID’S OLD AGE – ESTABLISHING SOLOMON AS KING (I Kings 1:1-2:46; I Chronicles 22:1-29:30).

A.  Young Abishag ministers to elderly David (1:1-4).

B.  Adonijah’s self-exaltation as king and Nathan’s plan to counteract the usurpation (1:5-31).

C.  Solomon anointed as king to sit on David’s throne (1:32-40).

D.  Adonijah’s servants leave him and he submits to Solomon (1:41-53).

E.  David charges Solomon to walk in God’s ways and wisdom (2:1-9).

F.  David’s death – Solomon’s kingdom established (2:10-12).

G.  Adonijah’s request for Abishag to be his wife – Adonijah put to death (2:13-25).

H.  Abiathar thrust from the priesthood (2:26-27).

I.  Joab put to death – Benaiah replaces him as chief over the army and Zadok is sole high priest (2:28-35)

J.  Shimei put to death for disobeying Solomon and failing to keep the oath of Jehovah (2:36-46).


1.  What was the relationship like between David and Abishag?

2.  What had David failed to do with his son Adonijah?

3.  What did Adonijah do to establish himself as King?

4.  How did Nathan counteract Adonijah being King?

5.  What did David command to manifest unto all that Solomon is the chosen King to reign in David’ place?

6.  What was the effect of the noise heard when Solomon was anointed King?

7.  Why did both Adonijah and Joab “lay hold on the horns of the altar”?

8.  Why was Abiathar’s life spared?

9.  What was fulfilled when Abiathar was thrust from the priesthood?

10.  What does David charge Solomon to do in order for Solomon to prosper in his Kingdom?

11.  Why does David charge Solomon to not let Joab’s hoar head go down to Sheol in peace?

12.  What did David charge Solomon to do regarding Shimei?  Why?

13.  How did Solomon manifest his wisdom to fulfill David’s charge concerning  Shimei?

14.  Are making oath’s before God a serious matter?

15.  David reigned over Israel in Jerusalem for 40 years. (T) (F)

16.  What did Adonijah request that Bathsheba do for him?

17.  Why was this request “a word against his life”?

18.  Who replaced Joab as the head of Israel’s army in Solomon’s kingdom?  How had this man served David

(2 Sam. 8:18, 20:23; I Chron. 11:22-25)?


19.  Who replaced Abiathar as the priest in Solomon’s kingdom?

20.  From where did David tell Solomon the provisions for the temple came (I Chron. 29:19)?