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I. THE DEDICATION OF THE TEMPLE (8:1-9:28; 2 Chronicles 5:2-8:18)

A. Removal of the ark of the covenant and the contents of the tent of meeting to the temple (8:1-11; 2 Chron. 5:2-14)

B. Solomon’s opening address and blessing (8:12-21; 2 Chron. 6:1-11)

C. Solomon’s prayer of dedication (8:22-53; 2 Chron. 6:12-42; 7:1-3)

1. God’s constant care invoked (v. 22-30)

2. When an oath is made at the altar (v. 31-32)

3. In defeat because of sin (v. 33-34)

4. In drought because of sin (v. 35-36)

5. In famine and pestilence (v. 37-40)

6. For the stranger (v. 41-43)

7. In battle (v. 44-45)

8. In captivity (v. 46-53)

D. Solomon’s closing blessing and exhortation (8:54-61)

E. The sacrifice and public festival (8:62-66; 2 Chron. 7:4-10)

F. God’s second appearance to Solomon (9:1-9; 2 Chron. 7:11-22)

G. Solomon’s activities (9:10-28; 2 Chron. 8:1-18)

1. Twenty cities (villages) given to Hiram (v. 10-14)

2. Solomon’s use of the levy of forced labor (v. 15-23)

3. Removal of Pharaoh’s daughter to her own house (v. 24)

4. Solomon’s sacrifices three times a year (v. 25)

5. Solomon’s navy and Hiram’s help (v. 26-28)


1. Who took up the ark of the covenant to bring it to the temple?

2. Were the ark of the covenant and the holy vessels in the tent of meeting being kept in the same place when they were brought to be placed in the temple?

3. What feast coincided with this dedication of the temple?

4. “The most holy place” in the temple was also described as “the _______________________ of the ______________________.”

5. What of the ark of the covenant could be seen from the holy place?

6. The tables of stone, the golden pot of manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded were found in the ark brought into Solomon’s temple. (T)  (F)

7. The two tables of stone was Jehovah’s covenant which He made with all of the people of the world.  (T)  (F)

8. The glory of Jehovah “filled” the holy place through the ______________.

9. How was Jehovah’s statement that He “would dwell in the thick darkness” fulfilled?

10. The temple was a habitation for God’s ______________________, while He ___________________________ in Heaven.

11. What circumstances brought people before the altar to offer an oath?

12. To what place should the children of Israel pray when they were smitten down by their enemies or taken into captivity?

13. In order for the people to receive forgiveness, they must ________________ from their _________________________.

14. Who is He who knows the hearts of men?

15. When Solomon arose from the altar after praying to God, he could say what about God’s promises to the people of Israel?

16. What was required to maintain the cause of Solomon and the people of Israel?

17. Why was the middle of the court hallowed by Solomon?

18. How would Solomon, the people of Israel and the temple remain established before God?

19. What did not please Hiram, the king of Tyre?

20. How did Solomon use his levy of bondservants?

21. What did Solomon do three times in a year?

22. Where was the navy of Solomon located?

23. What was brought to Solomon from Ophir?


I. SOLOMON’S GLORY AND DOWNFALL (Chapters 10-11; 2 Chronicles 9:1-31)

A. The queen of Sheba visits Solomon (10:1-13; 2 Chron. 9:1-12)

B. Solomon’s revenue and splendor (10:14-29; 2 Chron. 9:13-28)

C. Solomon’s heart turned away from God by foreign wives (11:1-8)

D. God’s anger and determination to rend the kingdom from Solomon expressed to Solomon (11:9-13).

E. Solomon’s adversaries (11:14-40)

    1. Hadad the Edomite (v. 14-22)

    2. Rezon the son of Eliada (v. 23-25)

    3. Jeroboam the son of Nebat (v. 26-40)

F. Solomon’s death (11:4-43; 2 Chron. 9:29-31)


1. Why did the queen of Sheba come to see Solomon?

2. How far did she travel?

3. What did she see of Solomon that caused her to exclaim, “…the half was not told me”?

4. What did the queen of Sheba give Solomon that was never given in so much abundance?

5. What two items were brought for Solomon by the navy of Hiram?

6. How much gold did Solomon receive in one year?

 What use did Solomon make with the gold?

7. Describe the throne of Solomon:

8. Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth in ____________ and ____________.

9. How many chariots and horsemen did Solomon have?

10. From where did Solomon’s horses and chariots come?

11. How was Solomon’s heart not perfect before Jehovah, as David’s heart was?

12. Who or what turned his heart away?

13. Solomon had _______________ wives or princesses and ______________ concubines.  

14. What did Solomon build so his wives could worship?

15. Why would God rend the kingdom from Solomon?

16. Why would God not rend the kingdom completely from Solomon and his son?

17. Who were two men raised up by God to be adversaries to Solomon?

18. Why were these two natural enemies?

19. Who was Jeroboam the son of Nebat?

20. What did the prophet Ahijah do with a new garment before Jeroboam?

21. What did this mean?

22. What did Jeroboam do when Solomon tried to kill him?

23. How long did Solomon reign, and where was he buried?

24. Who reigned in Solomon’s place?