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I. THE BEGINNING OF THE DIVIDED KINGDOM (12:1-33; 2 Chronicles 10-11)

A. The ten tribes revolt against Rehoboam’s harsh plans (v. 1-19)

1. Jeroboam and Israelites ask Rehoboam to lighten the load of grievous service experienced under the rule of Solomon (v. 1-5).

2. Rehoboam follows the harsher counsel of the young men instead of the more lenient advice of the older men (v. 6-15).

3. Rehoboam reigns only over those in Judah (v. 16-17).

4. Rehoboam flees to Jerusalem after his appointed man over task work, Adoram, is stoned by the people of Israel (v. 18-19).

B. Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, made king over the ten tribes of Israel (v. 20).

C. Rehoboam’s plan to end Israel’s revolt through war is thwarted by the word of God through Shemaiah, the man of God (v. 21-24).

D. Jeroboam builds up Shechem and Penuel (v. 25, cf. Gen. 12:6, Joshua 24:1-25; Genesis 32:30, Judges 8:17).

E. Jeroboam introduces a golden calf in Bethel and one in Dan in order to keep the people from going to Jerusalem to worship (v. 26-30).

1. Guard against losing his kingship to Rehoboam.

2. Guard against losing his life.

F. Jeroboam appoints priests from among the people – not of the tribe of Levi (v. 31, cf. 2 Chronicles 11:13-14).

G. Jeroboam ordains a feast of the eighth month (v. 32-33).  


1. Jeroboam was the young brother of Rehoboam. (T)  (F)

2. What complaint did Jeroboam and the people of Israel have concerning the rule of Solomon?

3. What was the counsel of the old men to Rehoboam?

4. What was the counsel of the young men to Rehoboam?

5. What did Rehoboam say to the people that could be characterized as speaking “roughly” to them?

6. Was God’s providence working out his promise behind the scenes of this conflict between Israel and Rehoboam?

7. Did Rehoboam use his free will in making his decision?

8. What did it mean for Israel to “go to their tents”?

9. Rehoboam ruled over the cities of ______________________ .

10. Why do you think Adoram was stoned to death?

11. How many warriors did Rehoboam assemble to fight against Israel?

12. Who stood in the way of Rehoboam’s plan?   How was this plan thwarted?

13. Name the two cities Jeroboam made stronger under his rule of Israel?  What is the significance of these two cities?

14. Why did Jeroboam introduce calf worship to the ten tribes of Israel?

15. To what of the people did Jeroboam appeal in making his plan work?

16. Who were made priests under the rule of Jeroboam?   Why?

17. What was Jeroboam’s feast of the eighth month likened unto?


I. THE MAN OF GOD AND JEROBOAM (Chapters 13-14; 2 Chronicles 10-12)

A. The man of God’s prophecy against Jeroboam’s altar in Bethel (13:1-3,                cf. 2 Kings 23:15-20)

B. The withering and restoration of Jeroboam’s hand (13:4-6)

C. The disobedience of the man of God (13:7-22)

D. The man of God is slain (13:23-24)

E. The “old prophet” buries the man of God, and confirms his words (13:25-32)

F. Jeroboam’s persistence in evil (13:33-34)

G. Ahijah’s prophecy against the house and kingdom of Jeroboam (14:1-21)

(1). Jeroboam’s inquiry concerning his sick child (v.1-4)

(2). Ahijah’s prophecy and its partial fulfillment (v. 5-8)

(3). Jeroboam’s reign of twenty-two years (v. 19-21; cf. 2 Chron. 11:5-12, 18-23)

H. Judah’s apostasy under Rehoboam (14:22-24)

I. The invasion of Shishak (14:25-28; 2 Chron. 12:2-12)

J. The constant warfare between Rehoboam and Jeroboam (14:29-30)

K. The death of Rehoboam and the succession of Abijam (14:31).  


1. What did the man of God from Judah prophesy regarding Jeroboam?

2. What sign did he give showing the prophecy would come to pass?

3. Whom did the man of God name as the one through whom the prophecy would be fulfilled?

4. Approximately how many years transpired between this prophecy and its fulfillment?

5. What happened to Jeroboam when he put forth his hand against the man of God?

6. What lessons concerning obedience to the word of the Lord do you learn from the disobedience of the man of God?

7. How did the man of God die?

8. What is so mysterious about the character of the “old prophet”?

9. What did Jeroboam continue to do in his reign that was sinful?

10. Why did Jeroboam send his wife to the prophet Ahijah?

11. What could not be hidden from the blind eyes of Ahijah?

12. What did Jeroboam do to provoke God to anger?

13. What sad prophecy did Ahijah give to Jeroboam’s wife?

14. Under Rehoboam’s reign Judah did what was right in the sight of the Lord. (T) (F)

15. Why was Shishak, the King of Egypt, allowed to come and invade Jerusalem?

16. What of Solomon did Shishak take away with him?

17. What did Rehoboam and Jeroboam do continually?

18. How long did Rehoboam reign in Jerusalem? How old was he when he began to reign?

19. What is significant about Rehoboam’s mother?

20. Who reigned in Jerusalem following the death of Rehoboam?