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A. Elijah prophesies a famine (17:1)

B. Elijah hides by the brook Cherith (17:2-7)

C. Elijah in Zarephath (17:8-16)

D. Elijah raises the widow’s son from the dead (17:17-24)

E. Elijah goes to meet Ahab (18:1-16)

F. Elijah’s challenge to Ahab (18:17-24)

G. Jehovah vs. Baal (18:25-39)

H. Baal’s priests are slain (18:40)

I. The promise of rain (18:41-46)  


1. Where was Elijah from?   

2. What did Elijah say by oath would not happen for years?   

3. Where is the brook Cherith located?

4. How was Elijah sustained by the brook Cherith?  

5. How did Elijah test the faith of the widow in Zarephath?

6. Where is Zarephath located?

7. When the widow’s son became sick and died, whom did she first blame?

8. When Elijah raised her son, what did the widow now know?

9. Why did God send Elijah to Ahab?

10. Describe the character of Obadiah?

11. Why did Ahab send Obadiah through the land?

12. Who was truly the “troubler of Israel”?


13. What challenge to the people did Elijah make?  

14. What challenge to the prophets of Baal did Elijah make?

15. A true man of God never “mocks” false teachers.  (T)  (F)

16. If God was not with Elijah, what disadvantages did Elijah have when he met and challenged the prophets of Baal?

17. How did God answer Elijah and show all that Elijah was a prophet of God?  

18. What did Elijah do with the prophets of Baal at the brook Kishon?

19. What did Elijah promise Ahab when he told him to eat and drink?

20. How many times did Elijah tell his servant to go and look toward the sea for rain?  

21. How was the approaching rain a sign that Elijah was the true prophet of God?

22. Elijah arrived at Jezreel in his chariot before Ahab arrived in his chariot.  (T)  (F)



A. Elijah’s flight to Horeb (19:1-8)

B. God’s revelation to Elijah (19:9-18)

C. The call of Elisha (19:19-21)

D. Ahab’s first Syrian Campaign (20:1-21)

1. Benhadad besieges Samaria (v.1)

2. Benhadad’s arrogant claims (v. 2-12)

3. God’s promise of victory (v. 13-14)

4. Ahab’s victory over the Syrians (v. 15-21)

E. Ahab’s second Syrian campaign (20:22-43)

1. The prophet’s warning (v. 22)

2. Ahab victorious again (v.23-30a)

3. Ahab spares Benhadad (v. 30b-34)

4. The prophet’s rebuke (v. 35-43)



1. Why did Elijah leave Jezreel and go to Beersheba?   

2. after the remarkable events in Mt. Carmel, where the people shouted “Jehovah, He is God; Jehovah, He is God”, why was Elijah wanting to die?   

3. What did Elijah do on the strength of the food and drink provided by God and His angel?

4. What came to Elijah while he was in a cave?  

5. What did Elijah experience when he obeyed God’s command to stand upon the mount before Jehovah?

6. What was the purpose of “the still small voice” that Elijah heard?  

7. What was God’s remedy for Elijah’s discouraged heart?  

8. What was Elisha doing when Elijah came to appoint him as the prophet to succeed Elijah?

9. What was Elijah’s response to Elisha’s request to first kiss his father and mother?   

10. What did Elisha do following Elijah’s response?

11. When Benhadad besieged the city of Samaria, were the 32 kings with him willful allies or vassal kings?

12. What had Ahab agreed to give Benhadad when Samaria was besieged?

13. After speaking with the elders of the land, what were the Israelites not willing to allow?   

14. What did Benhadad say through his messengers to Ahab that showed his arrogance and pride?

15. What was King Ahab’s response?

16. What did a prophet assure King Ahab of as they faced the array of Syrian soldiers?

17. In defeat, what were the servants saying to Benhadad, the King of Syria?  

18. In victory, what did the prophet say to Ahab, the King of Syria?

19. What city did Benhadad attack when he came up a second time against Israel?

20. What were the Israelites like in comparison to the Syrians?  

21. How many Syrian footmen did Israel slay in one day?

22. How did 27,000 men that were left of the Syrians meet their death?

23. What was suggested by the servants of the King of Syria in order to save the life of Benhadad?

24. What did Ahab say that meant that Benhadad’s life would be spared?

25. What covenant did Ahab make with Benhadad?

26. What lesson do we learn about “the word of Jehovah” in the death of the prophet who refused to strike his fellow prophet?

27. Why did the prophet command another to strike him?

28. How did God show Ahab that he did not approve of sparing King Benhadad?

29. How did Ahab return to his house following his encounter with the prophet of God?