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A. Elijah’s flight to Horeb (19:1-8)

B. God’s revelation to Elijah (19:9-18)

C. The call of Elisha (19:19-21)

D. Ahab’s first Syrian Campaign (20:1-21)

1. Benhadad besieges Samaria (v.1)

2. Benhadad’s arrogant claims (v. 2-12)

3. God’s promise of victory (v. 13-14)

4. Ahab’s victory over the Syrians (v. 15-21)

E. Ahab’s second Syrian campaign (20:22-43)

1. The prophet’s warning (v. 22)

2. Ahab victorious again (v.23-30a)

3. Ahab spares Benhadad (v. 30b-34)

4. The prophet’s rebuke (v. 35-43)



1. Why did Elijah leave Jezreel and go to Beersheba?   

2. after the remarkable events in Mt. Carmel, where the people shouted “Jehovah, He is God; Jehovah, He is God”, why was Elijah wanting to die?   

3. What did Elijah do on the strength of the food and drink provided by God and His angel?

4. What came to Elijah while he was in a cave?  

5. What did Elijah experience when he obeyed God’s command to stand upon the mount before Jehovah?

6. What was the purpose of “the still small voice” that Elijah heard?  

7. What was God’s remedy for Elijah’s discouraged heart?  

8. What was Elisha doing when Elijah came to appoint him as the prophet to succeed Elijah?

9. What was Elijah’s response to Elisha’s request to first kiss his father and mother?   

10. What did Elisha do following Elijah’s response?

11. When Benhadad besieged the city of Samaria, were the 32 kings with him willful allies or vassal kings?

12. What had Ahab agreed to give Benhadad when Samaria was besieged?

13. After speaking with the elders of the land, what were the Israelites not willing to allow?   

14. What did Benhadad say through his messengers to Ahab that showed his arrogance and pride?

15. What was King Ahab’s response?

16. What did a prophet assure King Ahab of as they faced the array of Syrian soldiers?

17. In defeat, what were the servants saying to Benhadad, the King of Syria?  

18. In victory, what did the prophet say to Ahab, the King of Syria?

19. What city did Benhadad attack when he came up a second time against Israel?

20. What were the Israelites like in comparison to the Syrians?  

21. How many Syrian footmen did Israel slay in one day?

22. How did 27,000 men that were left of the Syrians meet their death?

23. What was suggested by the servants of the King of Syria in order to save the life of Benhadad?

24. What did Ahab say that meant that Benhadad’s life would be spared?

25. What covenant did Ahab make with Benhadad?

26. What lesson do we learn about “the word of Jehovah” in the death of the prophet who refused to strike his fellow prophet?

27. Why did the prophet command another to strike him?

28. How did God show Ahab that he did not approve of sparing King Benhadad?

29. How did Ahab return to his house following his encounter with the prophet of God?



A. Naboth’s vineyard (21:1-29)

1. Naboth’s vineyard coveted by Ahab (v. 1-3)

2. Jezebel plans Naboth’s death (v. 4-16)

3. Ahab’s doom pronounced by Elijah (v. 17-24)

4. Ahab’s repentance gains him respite (v. 25-29)

B. Three years of peace between Israel and Syria (22:1)

C. Jehoshaphat joins Ahab in his war against Syria (22:2-40)

1. Ahab resolves to recover Ramoth-Gilead (v. 2-4)

2. Ahab’s prophets promise him victory (v. 5-6, 10-12)

3. Micaiah’s prophecy (v. 7-9, 13-28)

4. Battle of Ramoth-Gilead: Defeat of Ahab (v. 29-40a)

D. Ahaziah begins to reign in Israel (22:40b, 51-53)

E. The reign of Jehoshaphat in Judah (22:41-50)

1. The prophet Jehu’s judgment on Jehoshaphat (2 Chron. 19:1-3)

2. Jehoshaphat’s further reforms in worship and law (I Kings 22:43,46; 2 Chron. 19:4-11)

3. The wondrous deliverance from the children of Moab and Ammon in Mount Seir (2 Chron. 20:1-30)

4. Consequences of Jehoshaphat’s shipping alliance with Ahaziah (I Kings 22:47-49; 2 Chron. 20:35-37)


1. Why did Ahab want Naboth’s vineyard?

2. Was Ahab fair in his offer to Naboth?

3. Why did Naboth not want to give up his vineyard?

4. How did Ahab act when he could not obtain Naboth’s vineyard?

5. How did Jezebel achieve the goal of obtaining Naboth’s vineyard for Ahab?

6. What was Elijah’s message from God to Ahab?

7. How did Ahab regard Elijah concerning their relationship?

8. Why was Jezebel not a good woman for Ahab to marry?

9. What was God’s reaction to Ahab humbling himself before Him?

10. For what reason did Ahab want the help of Jehoshaphat, the King of Judah?


11. What lessons do you learn from the event surrounding the 400 prophets of Ahab and the prophecy of Micaiah?

12. Did Micaiah’s prophecy literally come true?

13. Can man do anything to thwart the prophecies of God’s true prophets?

14. Who reigned next in Israel after Ahab?

15. What was the character of this king in Israel?

16. Jehoshaphat was _____________ years old when he began to reign in Judah, and he reigned ________________ years.

17. What does Jehoshaphat say in his prayer regarding the Israelites entering into the land when the Moabite, Ammonite and      Edomite army arose against Judah?

18. In answer to this prayer, what did God’s Spirit say through Jahaziel that would give Judah confidence before their mighty foe?


19. What was the “beauty” praised by the singers as they went before the Jehoshaphat’s


20 What was the connection between Jehoshaphat’s alliance with Ahaziah, the King of Israel, regarding shipping and        Jehoshaphat’s ships being broken?

21. Who reigned over Judah after Jehoshaphat’s death?


2 KINGS INTRODUCTION: Picking up where I Kings ends, 2 Kings leads us into approximately 270 years of Old Testament history (853 – 582 B.C.).  Both kingdoms comprising all of Israel will be taken away in captivity.  Israel falls to Assyria in 722 B.C., and 135 years later, Judah will be taken away into Babylonian captivity (587-586 B.C.).  2 Kings chronicles the reigns of the last 11 kings of Israel, and the last 16 kings of Judah.  Counting Jehoshaphat, seven of the last sixteen kings of Judah did what was right in the sight of Jehovah – Joash, Amaziah, Uzziah, Jotham, Hezekiah and Josiah (2 Kings 12:2, 14:3, 15:3, 15:34, 18:3, 22:2).  Sadly, all eleven kings of the northern kingdom Israel did evil in the sigh of Jehovah. We will continue to in 2 Chronicles as a harmony study of these times.


A. Elijah intercepts the messengers of the sick King Ahaziah (1:1-18)

1. Elijah reproves King Ahaziah for seeking the god of Ekron (v. 1-8)

2. Elijah calls fire from Heaven (v. 9-16)

3. Death of Ahaziah (v 17-18)

B. Elijah’s Ascension – Elisha empowered with the Spirit of God (2:1-18)

C. Elisha heals the waters of Jericho (2:19-22)

D. Young lads who mock Elisha are cursed and killed by bears (2:23-25)

E. Jehoram’s reign over Israel and Moab’s rebellion (3:1-27)



1. When did the Moabites rebel against Israel?

2. What happened to Ahaziah that was connected with his sickness?

3. By going to the god of Ekron, what logically did it mean?  

4. How did King Ahaziah know the Elijah had spoken to his messengers?   

5. How did Elijah respond to King Ahaziah’s messengers and companies of 50 when they told him to come down from the hill?

6. According to whose word did Ahaziah die?  

7. Who reigned in Ahaziah’s place over Israel?   

8. What did Elisha refuse to do as requested by Elijah?  Why?   

9. In what cities were there “sons of the prophets”?

10. What did the sons of the prophets know about Elijah?  

11. What did Elisha “see” when Elijah was taken up into heaven?  

12. What was the last miracle done by Elijah and the first done by Elisha?   

13. What did the 50 sons of the prophets want to do after Elijah was taken up into heaven?  

14. What miracle did Elisha do that helped the city of Jericho?

15. What did the young lads say when they mocked Elisha?

16. What happened to the 42 lads who took part in the mocking?

17. While Jehoram still cleaved to the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, how were his actions not like Ahab, his father?

18. What was the custom of King Mesha before he rebelled at the death of Ahab?

19. What two kings did Jehoram get to be allied with him against the king of Moab?   

20. Did Jehoram feel confident about defeating the king of Moab?

21. How was Elisha described when Jehoshaphat wanted to make inquiry of a man of God?

22. Why did Elisha even receive inquiry of the king of Israel?  

23. What two things did Elisha predict would occur?

24. What did the people of Moab believe when they arose early in the morning?  

25. What two things did the king of Moab do when the battle got too bad for him?



A. The widow’s oil multiplied (4:1-7)

B. The Shunammite woman promised a son (4:8-17)

C. The Shunammite woman’

D. The miraculous feeding of a hundred men (4:42-44)

E. The leprosy of Naaman cleansed (5:1-19)

F. Gehazi’s curse (5:20-27)


1. To whom had the widow been married?

2. What was the widow’s problem?  

3. How did Elisha miraculously solver her problem?   

4. What did the Shunammite woman and her husband provide for the traveling Elisha?  

5. What did Elisha think the Shunammite woman might need?    

6. What did the woman say she needed?   

7. How was Elisha involved in fulfilling her need?  

8. What happened to the Shunammite’s son that broke her heart?  

9 What did the Shunammite woman ask her husband?

10. What did the Shunammite woman refuse to do?

11. How was the Shunammite’s son brought back to life?  

12. What occurred in Gilgal?    

13. Had Elisha predicted this occurrence?  

14. What did Elisha do to heal the “death in the pot”?  

15. With what did Elisha command a hundred men to be fed and filled?

16. Did God give victory to the Syrians over his own people?  

17. How did the king of Israel react to the king of Syria’s actions on behalf of his captain, Naaman?

18. Why did Naaman become angry?

19. When was Naaman’s leprosy healed?

20. What did Naaman conclude after he was healed of his leprosy?

21. Why did Elisha refuse Naaman’s present?

22. What did Naaman then request?

23. What was Elisha’s reaction to this second request?

24. What did Gehazi do that brought a curse on him?

25. How was he cursed?