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I. THE REIGN OF HEZEKIAH OVER JUDAH (II Kings 18-20; 2 Chronicles 29-32)

A. Hezekiah begins reign at the age of 25 in the third year of Hoshea, king of Israel (18:1-2)

1. Reigns 29 years

2. Mother’s name was Abi, the daughter of Zechariah

B. Character of Hezekiah (18:3-7a)

1. Did right in the eyes of Jehovah – like David

2. Casts down the objects of idolatry

3. Cleanses Temple (2 Chronicles 29:3-19)

4. Consecrates of the Temple (2 Chronicles 29:20-36)

5. Makes preparations for all to keep the Passover feast (2 Chronicles 30:1-22, 23-27)

6. Reestablishes the Priests and Levites according to their courses (2 Chronicles 31:2-21)

7. Clave to Jehovah and kept His commandments – God prospers him – wealth (2 Chronicles 32:23, 27-29)

C. Hezekiah throws off the Assyrian yoke (18:7b)

D. Hezekiah’s successful Philistine campaign (18:8)

E. Israel carried off into Assyrian captivity in the 4-6th. years of Hezekiah’s reign over Judah (18:9-12)

F. Sennacherib’s first invasion of Judah (18:13-16)

1. Sennacherib comes up against fenced cities of Judah, and takes them in the fourteenth year of Hezekiah’s reign.

2. Hezekiah sends messengers to Sennacherib at Lachish saying he will bear what Sennacherib will put on him.

3. Hezekiah meets Sennacherib’s demands – 300 talents of silver and 30 talents of gold.

G. Sennacherib’s second invasion of Judah (18:17-19:37)

1. Sennacherib enters Judah: Hezekiah’s precautions (2 Chronicles 32:1-8)

2. the advance against Jerusalem: Rabshakeh’s message (18:17-25; 2 Chronicles 32:9-15)

3. The reply of Hezekiah’s ministers (18:26)

4. The further insolence of Rabshakeh (18:27-35; 2 Chronicles 32:16, 18, 19)

5. The despair of Hezekiah’s ministers (18:36-37)

6. Hezekiah’s message to Isaiah (19:1-5)

7. Isaiah’s strengthening answer (19:6-7)

8. Rabshakeh’s departure (19:8)

9. Sennacherib’s blasphemous letter to Hezekiah and messenger’s troubling speech (19:9-13; 2 Chronicles 32:17)

10. Hezekiah’s prayer (19:14-19; 2 Chronicles 32:20)

11. Jehovah’s encouraging answer through Isaiah (19:20-34, 2 Chronicles 32:21a)

12. Jehovah’s overthrow of the Assyrians (19:35-36, 2 Chronicles 32:21b-22)

H. Hezekiah’s illness and recovery (20:1-11, 2 Chronicles 32:24-26)

I. Hezekiah’s reception of the Babylonian embassy (20:12-19, 2 Chronicles 32:31)

J. Building of pool and conduit into the city – the death of Hezekiah- Manasseh reigns in his place

   (20:20-21, 2 Chronicles 32:30, 32-33)


1. Hezekiah’s good character was (a) enhanced by his father’s good character or (b) Despite his father’s evil character.

2. What had the brazen serpent, commanded by God to be constructed by Moses in his day, become in Hezekiah’s day?

3. What did Hezekiah call the brazen serpent?

4. What steps did Hezekiah take to reform the Temple?

5. What Jewish feast did Hezekiah prepare for and command to be kept?

6 How did the feast stand out in keeping it from other times in history when it was kept?

7. Looking to Hezekiah for an example, what is involved in “cleaving to Jehovah”?

8. How was Hezekiah blessed by Jehovah?

9. How did the people of Israel manifest that they did not “believe God”?

10. In what year of Hezekiah’s reign was the Northern Kingdom of Israel taken into Assyrian captivity?

11. How did Hezekiah react to the first invasion of Sennacherib, the king of Assyria?

12. To strike fear into people of Judah, what theme did the master of the king of Assyria, Rabshakeh, emphasize to Judah?

13. What did Hezekiah do to overcome fear?

14. What did God do to overcome the Assyrian invasion?

15. What happened to Sennacherib when he returned to Nineveh?

16. What news did Hezekiah receive that drove him to weeping and prayer?

17. God does not offer miraculous signs when demanded by those who seek to believe. (T) (F)

18. How was Hezekiah’s prayer answered?

19. Why did the son of the King of Babylon come to visit Hezekiah?

20. What did Hezekiah do that caused God, through Isaiah, to rebuke him?

21. What was Hezekiah’s response to Isaiah’s prophecy?

22. What building project did Hezekiah complete in his days