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A. Exhortations to the elders (v.1-4)

1. Encouragement from Peter as a “fellow-elder.”

2. Specific instructions:

a. Tend the flock among you.

b. Exercise oversight willingly – not of constraint, nor of dishonorable gain.

c. Be examples to the flock – do not lord it over the flock.

3. Faithful elders will receive a victorious crown when Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, is manifested.

a. Crown does not fade away

B. Exhortations to all (v. 5:5-11)

1. Younger ones are to submit to older ones, including the recognized elders.

2. Gird self with humility to serve one another

3. Humble self before God who will exalt you.

4. Cast all anxiety upon God because He cares for you

5. Be sober and watchful of the devil

a. An adversary who is ready to devour souls through persecution

b. Withstand the devil in your faith

c. Know that brethren elsewhere are enduring the same trial

d. Know that the God of grace will restore, establish and strengthen you – praise to God for His everlasting                 dominion

C. Final salutations (v. 12-14)

1. Recognition of Silvanus (Silas) as bearer of this letter

2. Recognition of purpose of writing this letter: exhortation and testifying of the true grace of God – stand fast                 therein

3. Greetings from the church in Babylon

4. Greetings from Mark – Peter’s son in the faith

5. Exhortation to greet one another with kiss of love

6. Final wishes of peace to those in Christ


1. How did Peter address the elders of the congregations?

2. In what two ways was Peter connected with Christ?

3. Give three “positive” instructions Peter gives to the elders:

4. Give three “negative” prohibitions Peter gives to the elders?

5. What was promised to the faithful elder? When would the elder receive the promise?

6. Are the “elders” in 5:1 different from the “elder” in 5:5? Why?

7. With what should we gird ourselves? Why?

8. God ______________ the proud, but giveth ___________________ to the _____________________.

9. Why should the Christian never be distracted or overwhelmed by anxiety?

10. What two characteristics of the devil make in imperative that we be sober and watchful?

11. What is the specific work of the devil that is under consideration in verses 8-9?

12. Why is God exalted in Peter’s doxology in verses 10-11?

13. Who was Silvanus, and what was his connection with Peter’s letter?

14. What is the purpose of Peter writing this letter?

15. Who is “she that is in Babylon”?

16. What is the character of the kiss enjoined by Peter?

17. Is this commandment obeyed in the church today? If not, why not?

18. What does Peter desire for those who are in Christ?