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A. The DEMAND of Holy Living (1:13-17)

1. A well-balanced mind, and a perfectly set hope

2. Obedience unto God in all facets of living

3. Fear Jehovah – Judgment is without respect of persons.

B. The APPEAL of Holy Living (1:18-21)

1. Redeemed by the blood of the lamb

2. Lamb foreordained before the foundation of the world – now manifested for our sake.

3. Through Christ’s resurrection, we can be believers in God

C. The MEANS to Holy Living (1:22-25)

1. Obedience to the truth of the Gospel

2. Responsibility of this truth: love brethren with an unfeigned and fervent love

3. The truth is embodied in the incorruptible seed of the Gospel


1. What two things can be said of the mind of the person who is going to Heaven?

2. How do you know that such a mind will first be a ready, resolved or determined mind?

3. How can we be sure that we are holy?

4. Why should the Christian be living a life characterized as being holy?  Define “Holiness” by giving some situations that occur, and     how one living a life of holiness will thus conduct himself or herself:

5. Describe the “fear” a Christian should have of God:

6. What does the word “redeemed” say about the seriousness of sin?

7. When was Christ “foreknown”?  What does this say about God’s dealing with man while allowing him free-will?

8. Why was Jesus raised from the dead, and glorified?

9 How does one become “born again”?

10. Describe the love one should have for his brethren:

a. Give some examples that clearly show this love present:

b. Give some examples that clearly show this love absent:



A. The call to spiritual growth (2:1-4)

1. Demands putting away all wickedness

2. Demands longing for the spiritually nourishing word

3. Growth’s goal: “unto salvation”

4. Motivation: “tasted that the Lord is gracious”

B. A call to spiritual worship (2:5-8)

1. Christians are living stones comprising a spiritual house.

2. Christians are a holy priesthood offering up spiritual sacrifices through Jesus Christ.

3. Christians, in their obedience, build on Christ as the true head of the corner.

a. Others, in their disbelief, find Christ a stone of stumbling.

C. A call to show forth the excellencies of God (2:9-10)

1. Christians are an elect race.

2. Christians are a holy nation, special unto God.

3. Christians are a people who have obtained God’s mercy.

4. Purpose: to manifest the virtuous qualities of God


1. What four specific forms of wickedness must the Christian put away?

2. How is the Christian to be like a newborn baby?

3. How does Christ appear to Christians, and how does He appear before God?

4. Does Christianity provide for a special priesthood apart from other Christians? Why do people ignore this in their churches?

5 What kind of sacrifices do Christians offer?

6. How are our sacrifices offered “through Jesus Christ”?

7. What does God promise you if you put your trust in Jesus Christ and build upon Him?

8. Describe the one unto whom Christ is a stone of stumbling:

9. Explain how Christians today are spiritual Israel:

10 What is one purpose of our calling?