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A. The influence upon the prejudiced Gentiles through godly living (2:11-12)

1. The godly living:

a. As SOJOURNERS – dwelling near others as temporary residents

b. As PILGRIMS- progressing through a foreign land to them.

c. ABSTAIN – hold oneself back – from fleshly lusts.

2. The influence:

a. The evil speakers glorify God in the day of visitation – when God comes back to INSPECT.

B. Giving honor to all men and civil government (2:13-17)

1. Be subject unto every ordinance – for the Lord’s sake

2. Divine purpose of government: rendering vengeance to evil doers, and praise to them who do well.

3. Influence: put to silence the ignorance of foolish men

4. Honor all men and love the brotherhood

C. Servants submitting to masters (2:18-25)

1. Submission with respect - fear

2. Types of masters:

a. Obey the good and gentle – the kind and fair

b. Obey the forward – the wicked and unfair

3. Doing well in the face of suffering wrongly is acceptable unto God – we can walk in the steps of the exemplary                 suffering Saviour.

a. When reviled – revile not again

b. When suffering – threaten not

c. Commit to Him who judges righteously

d. Purpose of Christ’s death: we die to sin and live unto righteous regardless of circumstances

D. Wives in subjection to own husbands (3:1-6)

1. Unbelieving husband can be gained through blameless living instead of wordy argumentation.

2. Meek and quiet spirit is priceless adornment in the sight of God

3. Manifesting reverential submission to husband without fear is following the example of godly women in the past –                Sarah

E. Husbands in honoring their wives (3:7)

1. Honor her as a weaker vessel

2. Honor her as a joint heir of the grace of life

3. The absence of such honor leads to husband’s prayers being hindered  

F. Manifesting love towards brethren (3:8-12)

1. All commanded to have the same loving attitude – be likeminded

2. Demands humility and compassion

3. Demands doing good in the face of evil, not getting even

4. Demands seeking peace and pursuing it

5. Will result in blessing – in the good days of this life and eternity

a. The eyes and ears of the Lord are open to the righteous.

b. The face is upon them that do evil – Judgment.


1. Describe the “seemly” behavior that is to be manifested towards the world.

2. What does “godly living” have the power to do?

3. What is “the day of visitation”?

4. For whose sake should we submit to the ordinances of men? Explain.

5. What is the purpose of the “arm of the law”?

6. What power does submitting to civil law have on the world?

7. What is meant in the command to “honor all men”?

8. Give two requirements of submission that probably were very difficult for the Christian who was a slave to obey:

9. What is acceptable unto God in regard to suffering?

10. What three characteristics of Christ should we follow when we suffer for righteousness sake?

11. Why can we commit our souls unto Christ with confidence?

12. How can a wife gain her unbelieving husband without “the word”?

13. What adornment is of great price unto the Lord?

14. How are such women as Sarah an example for women today?

15. What “knowledge” should a husband have?

16. Describe the “mindset” that Christians should have towards one another:

17. What blessing is the Christian called to “inherit”?

18. What are the characteristics of the “good life”?

19. What are God’s “eyes” upon? -What should this encourage in your life?

20. What is God’s “face” is upon? - What sobering lesson should you learn?