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A. The work of the false teacher (2:1-3)

1. Brings in destructive heresies alongside of the truth

2. Denies the master who bought them – Jesus Christ

3. Obtains, through lasciviousness, many followers

4. Uses deceptive speech to make merchandise of followers– they exist to satisfy his own covetous spirit.

5. Arouses God’s sentencing of destruction.

B. Power of God to destroy and deliver proven by history (2:4-9)

1. Sinning angels not spared – reserved in TARTARUS for judgment

2. World of ungodly destroyed by the flood in righteous Noah’s day

3. Sodom and Gomorrah reduced to ashes – righteous Lot delivered.

C. The heart and character of the false teachers exposed (2:10-16)

1. Walk according to fleshly lusts – despise dominion

2. Ruled by brute instincts

3. Count it pleasure to engage in open unrestrained revelry

4. Eyes full of adultery – entice unstedfast souls.

5. Heart exercised in covetousness

6. Love hire of wrong doing – like Balaam

D. The consequences of following the false teachers (2:17-21)

1. The false teachers’ promise of freedom is empty.

a. The blackness of darkness is reserved for them.

b. Teachers and their followers are bondservants of corruption.

2. Apostate’s last state worse than their first

a. Better to not have known the truth

b. Like a dog turning to his own vomit again – like a washed sow wallowing in the mire.


1. How does 2:1 to relate to 1:21?

2. How do false teachers bring in their destructive heresies?

3. What TWO THINGS will happen in the midst of false teaching?

4. What is “TARTARUS”?

5. Describe the heart of the false teacher in Peter’s warning?

6. Can one be identified as a false teacher if they teach false doctrine, but does not manifest the same heart identified in 2 Peter 2?

7. Were the followers of the false teachers Christians? Explain:

8. Can one who has been saved from sins fall into a “worse state”? Explain: