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A. The second epistle, like the first, designed to arouse pure minds (3:1-2)

1. Remember words of prophets

2. Remember commandments of the Lord – presented through apostles

B. Warning of mockers who deny the second coming of Christ (3:3-7)

1. Mockers willfully forget that the ancient world of the ungodly was destroyed by water.

2. Present heavens and earth reserved for destruction by fire

C. Warning that the day of the Lord will come (3:8-10)

1. Remember that God is not bound by time – one day as a thousand years, a thousand years as one day.

2. Remember that the Lord is not slack concerning His promise of coming in judgment – He is longsuffering.

3. The day of the Lord will come as a thief – all things will be dissolved.

D. The actions taken because we know the day of the Lord will come (3:11-18)

1. Should live holy lives

2. Earnestly desire the coming of the Lord – living in a realm of righteousness

3. Give diligence to be found blameless in the Lord’s sight

4. Account the longsuffering of the Lord as opportunity of salvation

5. Beware of people who pervert the Scriptures – do not follow them and fall from your own stedfastness

6. Grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


1. What was Peter’s purpose for writing both letters?

2. Describe the “sincere mind”?

3. What will the mockers be doing and saying?

4. Will we be following the way of the Lord if we are satisfied with only knowing truth and not what the specific error is on subjects      affecting our salvation?

5. What have the mockers forgotten? Is it their fault?

6. What two things should we not forget about the Lord? How will this memory equip us against the mockers?

7. Describe what will happen when the day of the Lord comes?

8. How is this different than just a “cleansed world” of verse 6?

9. Knowing the day of the Lord will come, what all should we be doing?

10. Was Paul’s writings inspired of God? Explain:

11. What is the Scriptural antidote for falling away?