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A. David is anointed king over the house of Judah at Hebron (2:1-11).

1. David is king at Hebron for seven years and six months.

2. Abner makes Ishbosheth, the son of Saul king over Israel in Mahanaim  

B. Abner and the servants of Saul battle Joab, and the servants of David at Gibeon  (2:12-32)

1. the battle ensues after Joab’s request for the young men representing each side to “play” before Abner and Joab.

2. Joab and the servants of David are victorious.

3. Abner kills Joab’s brother, Asahel, who was pursuing him.  


C. David’s house grows stronger while the house of Saul grows weaker (3:1-5)

1. Six sons are born to David and his two wives in Hebron

D. Abner revolts against Ishbosheth and desires to be in league with David (3:6-39)

1. Saul makes himself strong in the house of Saul – takes his concubine.

2. Joab and Abishai kill Abner (v.30).

E. Weakened Ishbosheth killed by his two captians (4:1-12)

1. David puts both captains to death – Ishbosheth’s head buried in grave of Abner in Hebron (v. 8-12)

F. David anointed King of Israel in Hebron and takes the stronghold of Zion in Jerusalem from the Jebusites (5:-16)

1. David reigns over Israel in Jerusalem for thirty-three years

G. David’s two victories over the Philistines (5:17-25)

1. Jehovah delivers Philistines into David’s hand at Baal-perazim (v. 17-21)

2. Jehovah leads in smiting the Philistines from Geba unto Gezer (v. 22-25)

H. David leads in bringing the ark of God into Jerusalem (6:1-23)

1. The ark is transported on a new cart out of Gibeah (v. 1-5)

2. God strikes Uzzah dead for touching the ark when the oxen stumble      (v. 6-8)

3. The ark stays in the house of Obed-edom for three months (v. 9-12)

4. The ark is carried into the tabernacle tent in Jerusalem with shouting, dancing and the sound of the trumpet

(v. 13-23)

I. David receives message of blessing from God through Nathan and David gives God thanks through prayer (7:1-29)

1. David desires to build God a house (v. 1-3)

2. God gives Nathan the message that David’s house will be blessed with established throne (v. 4-17)

3. David gives God thanks (v. 18-29)  

J.  David’s reign blessed with victories and justice (8:1-18)

1. Victory in the West – Philistines (v. 1)

2. Victory in the East – Moab (v. 2)

3. Victory in the North – Hadadezer at Euphrates, Syrians of Damascus, etc. (v. 3-13)

4. Victory in the South – Edom (v. 13-14)

5. David reigns with justice and righteousness with his key people (v. 15-18)



1. Where did God send David after the death of King Saul?

2. Whom did Abner make king over Israel?

3. What sparked a fierce battle between the men of Israel and the servants of David?

4. How persistent was Asahel in pursuing Abner?

5. Who lost the more men in battle:

a. Abner

b. Joab  

6. Who should shoulder the blame for the loss of life at the battle of Gibeon?  

7. Who was Absalom’s mother?  

8.  Why did Abner defect to support David?  


9. What demand did David make before Abner could see David’s face?

10. What did Joab do that met with David’s disapproval?

11. How did David morn for and give honor to Abner”

12. Why did David not consider the news of Ishbosheth’s death good tidings?

13. Where was David anointed King over Israel by all the tribes?

14. How did the Jebusites mock David at Jerusalem?

15. What stronghold did David take in Jerusalem?

16. What did David perceive about his kingdom when Hiram provided him a house in Jerusalem?

17. David increased the number of his concubines after he came to Jerusalem. (T) (F)

18. In 5:17-25, what do we learn about depending upon God’s wisdom and guidance for “each step” that we take?  

19. What TWO wrongs led to Uzzah’s sudden death?

20. Why did Michal rebuke David when he ushered the ark of God into Jerusalem?

21. What TWO  promises does God make concerning David’s seed?

22. Find at least TWO principles in David’s prayer (7:18-29) that you can apply to your prayers?

23. How far north and how far south did David extend his dominion?

24. Describe David’s reign over his people?  




A. David extends kindness to Mephibosheth for Jonathan’s sake (9:1-3)

B. David’s overtures of kindness to king of the children of Ammon returned with threat of war (10:1-19)


C. David’s sin with Bathsheba and against Uriah (11:1-27)

D. Nathan’s illustration moves David to confess his sin (12:1-15)

E. David’s and Bathsheba’s child dies and Solomon is born (12:16-25)

F. Joab and David conquer the children of Ammon at Rabbah (12:26-31)


1. David wanted to show kindness to the house of Saul for whose sake?

2. Was there a hierarchy in the realm of servants?  

3. How was kindness manifested to the house of Saul?

4. Mephibosheth’s attitude in the presence of David was:

a. Fear

b. Humility

c. Arrogance

d. a & c

5. Why did David want to show kindness to Hanun?  How did David manifest his kindness?

6. How did the princes of the children of Ammon perceive David’s kindness?

7. How did Joab express courage before the army of Israel?


8. How would you counsel David in not repeating his sexual sin?   

9.  What evil did David do in the sight of Jehovah?

10. What did it take before David confessed his sin?

11. What were the consequences of David’s sin?

12. What was David’s attitude toward sickness and death?   Is this a good attitude?

13. What did David do to the inhabitants of Rabbah after he defeated the children of Ammon?