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I. SAMUEL AS JUDGE (I Samuel 1-7)


A. Samuel’s early childhood (1-3)

1. Hannah’s vow and Samuel’s birth (Chapter 1)

2. Hannah’s prayer and Eli’s sons’ sin (Chapter 2)

3. Samuel’s calling and ministry (Chapter 3)

B. The end of Shiloh Priesthood (Chapter 4)

1. Israelites lose battle with Philistines (4:1-10)

2. Ark of God taken – Eli’s sons and Eli die (4:11-21)

C. The ark of God in war against Philistines (5-6)

1. Philistines’ god Dagon falls before Ark (5:1-5)

2. Philistine inhabitants afflicted (5:6-12)

3. Philistines send Ark of God back to Israel (Chapter 6).

D. Israel’s Rededication at Mizpah (Chapter 7)

1. Samuel’s plea, prayer and offering (7:1-11)

2. Samuel continues Judge of Israel (7:12-17)


1. How did Elkanah’s polygamy lead to conflict in his home?

2. What did Hannah vow to God?

Did she keep her vow?

3. Where was Samuel’s home?

4. What type of prayer does Hannah pray in 2:1-10?

5. What did Samuel do before Eli?

6. Whose lives are contrasted with the life of Samuel in chapters 2-3?

7. What did Eli fail to do with his sons?

8. Samuel was established as a _____________________ of Jehovah?


9. Did the ark of God bring victory to the Israelites at Aphek?

Why or why not?

10. Why did the dying wife of Phinehas name the child “Ichabod” to whom she gave birth?

11. What realities of idolatry are revealed through Jehovah’s actions upon Dagon?

12. Why did the Philistines want to give the ark of God back to Israel?

13. How long was the ark of God with the Philistines?  

14. Why should the history between the Israelites and the Egyptians help the Philistines?

15. How did the Philistines know their trouble was from God?

16. What did Samuel do to rededicate Israel?

17. When you say the words “Here I raise my Ebenezer” when singing “O Thou Fount Of Every Blessing”, what are you meaning in this spiritual song of praise?  

18. What did Samuel continue to do all the days of his life?