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A. Elders of Israel ask Samuel for a king (Chapter 8)

1. Reasons for asking:

a. Samuel’s advanced age, and two sons he had made judges perverted justice for money (v. 1-4).

b. Desire for a king to judge as the other nations, and to go before the people to fight battles (v. 5, cf. v. 20)

2. Samuel’s prayer and Jehovah’s answer (v. 6-9)

a. God says people have “rejected me” (v. 7)

3. Samuel warns people of burdens they would bear in having a king           (v. 10-18).

4. People refuse to listen to warnings – Jehovah tells Samuel to heed their voice (v. 19-22).

B. God guides, and Samuel selects Saul as King (Chapters 9:1-10:1)

1. Saul’s genealogy: Son of Kish, a Benjamite (9:1-2)

2. Saul journeys with servant to find father’s lost asses (9:3-10)

3. Saul meets Samuel and attends religious feast (9:11-24)

4. Samuel anoints Saul as King at Ramah (9:25-10:1)


C. Samuel gives signs confirming Saul of his kingship (10:2-16)

1. First sign: two men at Rachel’s sepulcher (v.2)

2. Second sign: three men at Oak of Tabor (v. 3-4)

3. Third sign: band of prophets at Gibeah (v. 5-6)

4. All foretold signs fulfilled (v. 7-16)

D. Public selection of Saul as King at Mizpah (10:17-27)

1. Saul chosen by lot – Saul hid in baggage (v. 17-22)

2. Samuel presents the tall of Saul to the people – people shout acclamation (v. 23-24)

3. Samuel writes in book the character of the kingdom (v. 25)

4. Saul goes to Gibeah with brave men (v. 26)

5. Worthless men despise Saul’s reign (v. 27)

E. Saul leads Israel in defeat of Ammonites (11:1-13)

1. Nahash encamps against Jabesh-gilead (v. 1-4)

2. Saul cuts into pieces a yoke of oxen and sends throughout land (v. 5-7).

3. Samuel numbers people at Bezek (v. 8)

4. Saul and three companies completely scatter Ammonites (v. 9-11)

5. Saul spares the men who had previously despised his reign (v. 12-13)

F. Saul consecrated as King at Gilgal and Samuel exhorts Israel at Gilgal      (Chapter 12)


1. Samuel’s integrity confirmed (v. 1-5)

2. Samuel’s reproof of the actions of the people (v. 6-15)

3. Divine testimony to Samuel’s words (v. 16-25)


1. Give TWO basic reasons for the elders wanting a king?  

2. How did God look upon the people asking for a king?

3. God initially told Samuel not to listen to their request. (T)  (F)

4. Saul was of what tribe?  How does this tribe rank?  Why did it have this ranking?  

5. How did Samuel know that Saul was to be king?

6. From 10:1-13 give TWO basic differences between God’s prophetic signs and that of the modern spiritual prognosticator.  

7. Explain how Saul was pointed out as King in Mizpah before the people.

8. What did the people say in acclamation of Saul as King?

9. What did Samuel write in a book?  Where did he place the book?

10. How did Saul exhort the Israelites to come to the aid of Jabesh-gilead against the Ammonites?

11. How scattered were the Ammonites after Saul’s army defeated them?

12. From 9:1-11:13, show that Saul was a humble and gracious man at first.

13. From Samuel’s speech in chapter 12, show how he answers the two reasons for the elders wanting a king in chapter 8.  

14. How did God confirm the message of Samuel at Gilgal?