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III. SAUL’S EARLY REIGN (Chapters 13-15)


A. War against the Philistines (13:1-14:23)

1. Second year of Saul’s reign (13:1-2)

2. Jonathan arouses Philistines by defeating their garrison at Geba (13:3-4).

3. Formidable Philistines encamp in Michmash (13:5-7)

4. Saul’s rash sacrifice (13:8-14)

a. Saul could not wait seven days at Gilgal for Samuel.

b. Samuel reveals that Saul’s kingdom will not continue.  

5. War continues as Samuel goes to Gibeah and Saul joins forces with Jonathan at Geba (13:15-18).

6. Israel’s oppressed state before the Philistines – people imperfectly armed (13:19-23)

a. Israel went unto the Philistines to have farming equipment sharpened.

7. Jonathan and young man who bore his armor defeats Philistine garrison at Michmash (14:1-15).

8. Philistines defeated (14:16-23).


B. Saul’s rash commandment during the battle, and Jonathan’s trouble (14:24-52)

1. Oath taken: No eating that day till evening and enemy defeated (v. 24)

2. Jonathan unaware of oath eats honey (v. 27).

3. Saul seeks Jehovah regarding if he should go after the Philistines – God will not answer (v. 26-42).

4. Jonathan’s sin made known – Saul declares death penalty (v. 43-44)

5. People rescue Jonathan (v. 45).


C. Summary of Saul’s wars and account of his family (14:47-52)

D. Saul defeats Amalekites but fails in obeying God – rejected as King (15:1-35)

1. Divine command: “…smite Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have…” (v. 3).

2. Saul and people save the best to sacrifice unto God (v. 9; 15).

3. God repents in setting up Saul as king (v. 10).

 a. Divine admonition: “to obey is better than sacrifice” (v. 22)

4. Saul confesses before Samuel – worships before Jehovah (v. 24-25, 30).

5. Samuel cuts Agag to pieces (v. 33).

6. Samuel departs from Saul (v. 35).



 a. Michmash


 b. Jonathan

 c. Ahijah

 d. Michal

 e. Ahinoam

 f. Agag  

2. What caused the Philistines to gather in order to fight Israel?

3. How formidable were the Philistines in the eyes of Israel?

4. What foolish thing did Saul do in Gilgal?

5. What of Saul will not continue because of this foolish deed?  What will God do instead?

6. Give TWO FACTS which show the Philistines did not have a fear of Israel?

7. How did Jonathan know he could take the Philistine garrison at Michmash?

8. What all resulted from Jonathan’s encounter with the Philistine garrison?

9. What oath did Saul demand Israel take in the war with the Philistines?

10. Did Jonathan sin in eating honey?

11. Why did the people refuse to let Jonathan die?

12. How successful was Saul in war against the Philistines during his reign?


13. What did God command Saul to do against Amalek?  Why?

14. Give TWO REASONS why Saul disobeyed God regarding the Amalekites:

15. God says, “To __________ is better than sacrifice, and to ______________ than the fat of rams.”  How is this so?

16. What was the consequence of Saul’s disobedience?