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A. Jonathan expresses love for popular David with a covenant (18:1-5)

1. The soul of Jonathan is knit with the soul of David (v. 1-2).

2. Jonathan gives outer robe to David (v. 3-4a)

3. Jonathan gives military apparel to David (v. 4b-5).   


B. Saul manifests jealous hatred for David (18:6-16)

1. The greater praises for David’s victories causes Saul to eye David (v. 6-9).

2. David escapes Saul’s spear twice (v. 10-11)

3. Saul fears successful David and sends him to be captain over a thousand (v. 12-16)


C. Saul plans for David’s death by offering daughters in marriage (18:17-30).

1. Merab offered to David if courageous in battle – given to Adriel instead (v. 17-19)

2. Michal offered for one hundred Philistine foreskins – given to David who presents two hundred foreskins

(v. 20-29)

3. David continues to prosper against Philistines (v 30)

D. Jonathan counsels Saul to not put innocent David to death (19:1-7)

1. Jonathan reasons with Saul of David’s goodness and faithfulness (v. 1-5)

2. Saul swears to not put David to death (v. 6)

3. Jonathan brings Saul and David together as before (v. 7)

E. Michal frustrates Saul’s further attempts to have David put to death (19:8-17)

1. Saul tries unsuccessfully to smite David to a wall with a spear (v. 8-10)

2. Michal helps David escape through window at night (v. 11-12)

3. Michal uses the teraphim and goats hair to stall Saul’s death command   (v. 13-17)



1. From chapters 18 & 19, describe Jonathan’s “love” for David?

2. What was made between Jonathan and David?

3. Why did Jonathan and David have opportunity to be together?



4. Why did Saul begin to start “eyeing” David?

5. In 18:10, Saul ___________ by being move by an ___________ spirit from ___________.

6. Why did David have to avoid David’s presence twice?

7. What did Saul do to quiet his fears of David?   Was this successful?

8. What THREE feelings accompanied Saul’s jealousy of David?  

9. What did Saul plan to accomplish by offering his daughters in marriage to David?

10. What was David’s attitude regarding marrying Merab?

11. What facts did Jonathan present to Saul concerning David’s goodness?

12. What caused David to flee from Saul yet again?

13. In what two ways did Michal save David’s life?

14. How did Michal justify herself before Saul?