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A. David flees to Samuel at Ramah (19:18-24).

1. David tells Samuel what Saul did – they go to Naioth (v. 18).

2. Three times Saul’s messengers cannot take David – they prophesy instead   (v. 19-22).

3. Saul comes to take David himself – he prophesies before Samuel instead (v. 23-24).

B. David speaks with Jonathan (20:1-42)

1. David wonders of what sin he has done to deserve death (v. 1).

2. Jonathan claims that Saul’s plan to kill David will not be hid from him (v.2-4).

3. Jonathan and David renew covenant over plan to uncover Saul’s true intent (v. 5-23).

a. David plans to be absent from feast of the new moon.

            (1). David hides in a field by the stone of Ezel.

(2). If David’s absence sets well with Saul, Jonathan will yell to the young lad that the arrows are on this side of the mark.

(3). If Saul desires evil for David, Jonathan will yell to the lad that arrows are beyond him.

b. Jonathan and David renew covenant of kindness – extends to descendants.

4. Saul manifests his anger for David’s absence and Jonathan’s choosing of David (v. 24-34).

5. Jonathan shoots arrows beyond the lad - has emotional farewell with David (v. 35-42).  


C. David flees to Nob and is helped by Ahimelech the priest (21:1-9).

1. David and young men with him receive showbread to eat (v. 1-6)

2. David receives sword of Goliath (v. 7-9)

D. David flees to Achish, king of Gath (21:10-15)

1. David acts as if he is a mad man to hide his true identity from Achish.

E. David flees to cave of Adullam (22:1-2)

1. David becomes captain over other distressed souls – with about four hundred men.

F. David flees to Mizpeh of Moab (22:3-4)

            1. David seeks a safe place for his father and mother.

G. David flees to forest of Hereth in Judah (22:5)

            1. David acts upon instructions of the prophet Gad.

H. In anger, Saul has Ahimelech, other priests and inhabitants of Nob put to death (22:6-23).

1. Doeg, the Edomite, tells Saul about Ahimelech helping David

2. Eighty-five, who wore the ephod, are put to death.

3. Abiathar escapes and flees unto David

I. David saves the city of Keilah from the Philistines (23:1-13)

1. David had to flee being warned of God of treachery of the inhabitants.

J. David flees to strongholds in wilderness of Ziph – south of Hebron (23:14-23)

1. Jonathan strengthens David – renew covenant

2. Inhabitants tell Saul of David’s whereabouts, and their willingness to help in delivering David to Saul.

K. David flees to wilderness of Maon – about six miles south of wilderness of Ziph (23:24-28)

1. Saul encompasses David and his six hundred men

2. Saul stops pursuing David because of word of a Philistine raid.

L. David flees to the strongholds of En-gedi – shore of the Dead Sea (23:29-24:22)

1. David spares Saul’s life

2. Saul acknowledges David’s goodness and his future kingdom

M. Samuel dies and David flees to the wilderness of Paran- David’s encounter with Nabal in Carmel (25:1-44)

1. Nabal’s wife keeps David from executing vengeance upon foolish Nabal – God brings death upon Nabal.

2. Abigail becomes one of David’s wives.

N. Saul, on information of inhabitants of Ziph, seeks again to put David to death (26:1-25).

1. David spares Saul life for the second time

2. Saul confesses his sin and foolishness



1. What occurred to Saul when he came to Ramah that allowed David an opportunity to flee from Saul?

2. What different points of view did David and Jonathan have regarding Saul’s attitude toward David?

3. What did David perceive in his own life and death situation?


4. What reason did David want Jonathan to offer Saul for David not attending the feast of the new moon with Saul?

5. The covenant between Jonathan and David extended to whom?

6. How did Jonathan know for sure Saul was determined to kill David?  

7. How did Jonathan use a lad to convey a secret message to David?

8. What indication is there for David’s departure from Jonathan being an emotional one?

9. What reason does David give Ahimelech for David being alone?   

10. What TWO things did Ahimelech the priest provide David at Nob?

11. In what two ways did Doeg serve Saul?

12. For what THIRD provision to David did Saul put Ahimelech to death?  

13. What did David do to protect his true identity from Achish, king of Gath?

14. Whom did David place in the protective care of the king of Moab?

15. Considering Saul’s eruption against his servants in Gibeah, his mindset could be best summed up as one who is:

a. Angry

b. Jealous

c. Betrayed

d. None of the above

16. How did David calm the fears of Abiathar?

17. What means did David use to inquire of God as to his safety in Keilah?

18. How did Jonathan encourage David in the wilderness of Ziph?

19. Why did Saul not capture David when he had him surrounded in the wilderness of Maon?

20. Why did David spare Saul’s life in a cave in the wilderness of En-gedi?

21.  Why was David more righteous than Saul?

22. Where was Samuel buried?

23. How did Nabal “live up” to his name?

24. By David listening to discretion from Abigail,

a. what principle did he manifest?

b. how was this principle manifested?

c. who, besides David, was blessed?

25. What did Saul do to his daughter Michal, who was David’s wife?

26. In the wilderness of Ziph, how did Saul know for sure David had spared his life yet again?

27. How did David manifest himself as a man close to god before Saul in Ziph?

28. What did Saul confess in connection with his sin?