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A. David seeks protection in land of the Philistines (27:1-11)

1. David comes to Achish, King of Gath (v. 1-4)

2. Achish assigns Ziklag as David’s residence (v. 5-7)

3. David raids various inhabitants in the desert of South Palestine (v. 8-12)

B. David is summoned to join Achish in the Philistines’ war against Israel (28:1-2).


C. Saul seeks the necromancer of Endor to bring up Samuel (28:3-25)

1. Saul seeks a woman with a familiar spirit for God is not answering his inquiries (v. 3-7)

2. Disguised Saul claims fears of woman being put to death (v. 8-10)

3. Woman cries with loud voice when she sees Samuel (v. 11-14)

4. Samuel tells Saul of his and Israel’s demise at the hands of the Philistines (v. 15-19)

5. Distraught Saul comforted by woman and servants (v. 20-25)

D. David order not to fight with the Philistines against Israel (29:1-11)

1. Philistine lords fear David’s loyalty to Israel (v. 1-5)

2. David heeds Achish and goes back to Ziglag (v.6-11)

E. David pursues Amalekites and retrieves all taken from burning Ziglag (30:1-31)

1. David sorrows with men over their families and possessions being taken (v. 1-6)

2. David inquires of Jehovah through the ephod concerning pursuing the enemy (v. 7-10)

3. Deserted Egyptian slave leads David to the camp of the Amalekites         (v. 11-15)

4. David slays Amalekites for a day (v. 16-20)

5. David shares spoils (v. 21-31)

F. Saul and three sons die at Mount Gilboa in battle with the Philistines (v. 31:1-13)

1. Fearful Saul falls on sword when his armor bearer refuses Saul’s request to kill him (v. 1-6)

a. Armor bearer falls on sword

b. Philistines slay Jonathan, Abinadab (Ishvi) and Malchishua

2. Philistines place on display Saul’s head and armor in houses of their idols before the people (v. 7-10)

a. Bodies of Saul and sons fastened to wall in Bethshan

3. Inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead take bodies from Bethshan and burn them in Jabesh (v. 12-13)

a. Bones buried under tamarisk-tree

b. Inhabitants fast for seven days

G. David laments the deaths of Saul and Jonathan (2 Samuel 1:1-27)

1. David puts the ungodly plundering Amalekite to death (v. 1-16)

2. David’s lamentation of praise for Saul and Jonathan (v. 17-27)


1. Why did David go to Gath?

2. David dwelt in the royal city of Gath for 16 months.  (T) (F)

3. Why did David spare not a man or a woman in raids upon the inhabitants in the South?  

4. Why did Saul seek a woman with a familiar spirit?

5. From Saul’s experience, to what lengths can fear and desperation take you?  



6. Why was the necromancer of Endor afraid?  

7. Was the woman of Endor accustomed to actually talking to departed spirits?  

8. In what form did Samuel appear?

9. What did Samuel give as the reason for Saul having his kingdom taken away from him?

10. According to Samuel, where were Saul and his sons going to be on the next day?

11. Distressed Saul did not eat that night at Endor.  (T) (F)

12. The lords refused to allow David to fight with them because:

a. King Achish did not trust David.

b. David might retreat in the heat of battle.

c. in battle, David might turn upon the Philistines.

d. in battle, David might reconcile with Saul.

e. c & d

f. a & b

13. What did David find upon his return to Ziglag?

14. Who helped David find the camp of the plundering Amalekites?

15. Why did this person demand certain conditions before he would help David?


16. How did David show fairness with the spoils of war with his 600 men?  

17. Saul died by:

a. falling upon his own sword.

b. being thrust through with the sword by his armor bearer.

c. being finished off with the sword by an Amalekite.

d. a & c

18. Why did Saul want his armor bearer to slay him?   

19. What did the Philistines do with the head and armor of Saul?   Why were such things done?

20. What kindness did the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead show Saul and his sons?  

21. What did the Amalekite bring to David to prove he had found Saul?

22. Why did David have the Amalekite put to death?

23. From David’s lamentation, what was his view of Saul?

24. From David’s lamentation, describe his love for Jonathan?