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A. David extends kindness to Mephibosheth for Jonathan’s sake (9:1-3)

B. David’s overtures of kindness to king of the children of Ammon returned with threat of war (10:1-19)


C. David’s sin with Bathsheba and against Uriah (11:1-27)

D. Nathan’s illustration moves David to confess his sin (12:1-15)

E. David’s and Bathsheba’s child dies and Solomon is born (12:16-25)

F. Joab and David conquer the children of Ammon at Rabbah (12:26-31)


1. David wanted to show kindness to the house of Saul for whose sake?

2. Was there a hierarchy in the realm of servants?  

3. How was kindness manifested to the house of Saul?

4. Mephibosheth’s attitude in the presence of David was:

a. Fear

b. Humility

c. Arrogance

d. a & c

5. Why did David want to show kindness to Hanun?  How did David manifest his kindness?

6. How did the princes of the children of Ammon perceive David’s kindness?

7. How did Joab express courage before the army of Israel?


8. How would you counsel David in not repeating his sexual sin?   

9.  What evil did David do in the sight of Jehovah?

10. What did it take before David confessed his sin?

11. What were the consequences of David’s sin?

12. What was David’s attitude toward sickness and death?   Is this a good attitude?

13. What did David do to the inhabitants of Rabbah after he defeated the children of Ammon?




A. Absalom plots and commands Amnon’s death as retribution for raping their sister, Tamar (13:1-39)  

B. Joab persuades David through the woman of Tekoa to bring Absalom back to Jerusalem (14:1-33).


C. Absalom gains favor with the people of Israel and seeks the kingdom, causing David to flee from Jerusalem (15:1-37)

D. Deceiving Ziba brings mules and food for David and David blesses him with all that pertains to Mephibosheth (16:1-4)

 E. David humbly endures the cursing and stone throwing by Shimei (16:5-14)

F. Hushai gains confidence of Absalom in Jerusalem in order to hear the counsel of Ahithophel (16:15-23)

G. Ahithophel’s counsel defeated by the better counsel of Hushai (17:1-29)

H. David prepares his men for war against the approaching Absalom – receives message that Absalom’s forces are defeated, and Absalom is killed (18:1-33)


1. From chapter 13, give a one-word description of sin?

2. What type of love did Amnon have for Tamar?  

3. What factors could have contributed to David not suspecting that Absalom would harm Amnon?


 a.  Tamar             (1). Manifested anger toward sin – but no correcting

 b.  Jonadab          (2).  Sinned and did worse

 c.  Amnon           (3).  A friend in name only

 d.  Absalom        (4).  Regarded chastity as honor

 e.  David             (5).  Hid anger – but took action to correct it

5. Describe David’s attitude toward Absalom following Absalom’s killing of Amnon?

6. What did Joab see in David that caused him to pursue bringing Absalom back from Geshur?

7. What wisdom did the woman from Tekoa use to “change the face of the matter”   regarding David’s situation with Absalom?

8. Joab was a ________________ man.

 Explain your answer:

9. After being ignored, how did Absalom obtain Joab’s attention and entrance to see David’s face?

10. What sign showed that David received Absalom back again in good graces?  

11. How did Absalom steal the hearts of the men of Israel from David?

12. Describe the manner in which David and his people left Jerusalem.

13. What was David’s information network that allowed him to keep up with Absalom while David was out of Jerusalem?

14. What did Ziba the servant of Mephibosheth do to gain favor with David?  

15. Why did David refrain from retaliating against the cursing Shimei?  

16. How did Hushai, David’s friend, gain the confidence of Absalom?

17. How was Nathan’s prophesy (2 Samuel 12:11-12) fulfilled in Absalom?

18. What was the difference between Ahithophel’s counsel and that offered by Hushai?

19. Why was Ahithophel’s counsel defeated ultimately?

20. What did Ahithophel do when he learned Absalom did not follow his counsel?

21. Who showed kindness to David at Mahanaim?

22. Describe the forces that David had with him as they were preparing for Absalom?   

23. While Absalom rode under a tree, his hair caught up on the branches suspending him in mid air.  (T)  (F)   

24.  How did Joab and his armor bearers disobey David?    


25. Why had Absalom built for himself a monument?

26. Give a brief summary of Absalom’s character:

27. Why did Joab not want to send Ahimaaz to report the victory over Absalom?

28. How did Ahimaaz consider Joab’s concern in the report he did give David?

29. What love of a father for his son is manifested in David’s grief over Absalom?