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A. David’s last words (23:1-7)

1. By inspiration, he speaks of God’s kingdom in theory

2. By inspiration, he speaks of his own kingdom in reality.

B. David’s thirty seven mighty men (23:8-39)

1. Three distinguished heroes (v. 8-12)

a. Joshebbasshebeth (Jashobeam) – 800 slain at one time (v. 8)

b. Eleazaar – defied the Philistines (v. 9-10)

c. Shammah – slew the Philistines, as he defended a plot of land   (v.11-12)

2. Three heroes unnamed who showed courage unto David when in the cave of Adullam (v. 13-17)

3. Two distinguished heroes (v. 18-23)

a. Abishai – slew 300 Philistines with spear

b. Benaiah – slew 2 sons of Ariel of Moab; a lion in a pit in the time of snow; and a goodly Egyptian with the Egyptian’s own sword.  

4. The mighty men named and identified as among “the thirty” (v. 24-29)

C. David’s sin in numbering the people and its punishment (24:1-25)

1. David determines to have people numbered despite Joab’s advice to the contrary (v. 1-7).

2. Joab gives the number of fighting men: 800,000 (Israel); 500,000 (Judah) (v. 8).

3. David’s heart smites him for his sin and faces God’s choices of punishment as presented by God’s prophet, Gad (v. 9-14).

4. God sends a pestilence killing 70,000 men – Davis seeks mercy for his people (v. 15-17).

5. David commanded to rear up altar in the threshing floor of Araunah to stay the pestilence (v. 18-25)

a. Araunah offers threshing floor and sacrifice.

b. David refuses gift, but buys the threshing floor to offer sacrifice – for he will not offer unto God anything that costs him nothing.


1. What does David mean when he identifies himself as “the sweet psalmist of Israel”?  

2. What “kind” of Inspiration did David claim?

3. The king who rules righteously is also the king who probably rules how?


4. Does David speak negatively, or does he speak positively about his own house in      verse 5?

5. Describe how “weary” the hand of Eleazar was in his battle with Philistines?

6. Was it Shammah, or was it Jehovah that wrought a great victory in a field?

7. How did David’s three mighty men help him when he was in the cave of Adullam?

8. Why did David not partake of that which he asked for when the three mighty men returned with his request?

9. What number is connected with David’s mighty men, and how were they divided?

10. How did Abishai rank among David’s mighty men?

11. Benaiah, with his spear, slew a goodly Egyptian.  (T) (F)

12. Uriah, the Hittite, whom David had killed, was one of David’s mighty men.  (T) (F)

13. Why did Joab think David should not number the people of Israel?

14. David’s sin of numbering was the sin of _______________.

15. What is happening in David when “his heart smote him”?

16. Identify Gad in three ways:

17. David did not choose one of the options offered by God as punishment for his sin. (T) (F)

18. Who stretched his hand out toward Jerusalem to destroy it?

19. What did David do when he saw the punishment upon his people?

20. Was God’s mercy extended to God’s people or was it denied when 70,000 died?

21. What did David need to do in order for the pestilence to end?

22. What was David’s attitude concerning “sacrifice”?