2020-2021 Audio Sermons

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20200223 PM The Gospel  Is The Power Of God Unto Salvation by Jerry Fite

20200223 AM This Sermon Isn’t For Me by Jerry Fite

20200216 PM I’m Not Ashamed Of The Gospel by Jerry Fite

20200216 AM Lovers Of Pleasure Rather Than Lovers Of God by Jerry Fite

20200209 PM The Second Parable Of Sowing by Jerry Fite

20200209 AM The Just & Justifying God by Jerry Fite

20200202 PM Help! Why Is Life So Difficult? by Jerry Fite

20200202 AM Help! My Country Is A Mess by Jerry Fite

20200126 PM Help! My Kids Are Driving Me Nuts by Jerry Fite

20200126 AM Help! My Marriage Is A Wreck by Jerry Fite

20200119 PM Help! Alcohol & Drugs Are Running My Life by Jerry Fite

20200119 AM Barriers That Prevent Us From Receiving Help by Jerry Fite

20200112 PM Patience & Tolerance by Jered Smith

20200112 AM Serving The Master by Jered Smith

20200105 PM Believeing In God’s Promise Changes Lives by Jerry Fite

20200105 AM Who Are You? by Jerry Fite

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