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I. PAUL’S WALK OF FAITH (4:13-5:10)

A. A Confident look toward the Resurrection – Helps Paul bear persecution       (4:13-15).

B. A confident look toward eternal glory – Helps Paul bear affliction (4:16-18)

C. A confident look toward the heavenly body – Helps Paul bear the burden of mortal man (5:1-5)

D. A confident  look toward the judgment – Causes Paul to be well-pleasing unto God (5:6-10)


1. What Old Testament Scripture was Paul probably referring to in v. 13?

2. What believed fact of God is common to both David and Paul that produces “the same spirit of faith”?

3. What knowledge did Paul have that gave him confidence in God’s deliverance?

4. How is God’s grace to be multiplied?  

What is the wonderful result?

5. What did the afflictions “worketh” for the true ministers of God?

What condition of living must be present before such results can be realized?

6. What is our tabernacle in 5:1?  

What is the building of God that we have?

7. Did Paul wish to merely leave this body and be a disembodied spirit?

8. In what way did the eyes of faith cause Paul to view his life in this earthly body?

9. With Paul, what should be our continual aim?