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B. Plea to not receive such grace in vain (6:1-7:1)

1. The ministers’ lives examples of total devotion to God (6:2-13).

2. Separation from sin a demand of reconciliation (6:14-7:1)


1. How did Paul go about bringing people to Christ?

What prompted such action?

2. What caused Paul to be faithful to his task?  

3. What does Christ’s sacrifice demand from us?  

4. What does the word “reconcile” mean?

5. Where does reconciliation take place?

6. What does God do in order not to reckon unto us our trespasses?

7. What was Paul’s desire for the Corinthians?  

8. How did the ministers of God commend themselves?

9. What four terms does Paul use to denote fellowship?  

10. In order to be sons and daughters of God, what does God require of us?