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A. Wives and Husbands (3:18-19)

1. Wives be in subjection to husbands

2. Husbands love wives.

B. Children and Fathers (3:20-21)

1. Children obey parents.

2. Fathers do not provoke children.


C. Slaves and Masters (3:22-4:1)

1. Obey Masters

2. Masters render what is just and right to slaves


D. Christians and the World (4:2-6)

1. Continue steadfastly in prayer

2. Walk in wisdom toward non-Christians




1. What fact should encourage a wife to submit to the authority of her husband?

2. A husband who constantly offers his wife sharp criticism does not _____________ his wife.

3. Why should children obey their parents?

4. When should children NOT obey their parents?

5. What must a father be careful of in disciplining his children?  

6. HOW should a slave who is a Christian obey his master?  

7. The Christian is serving the ________________ when he obeys his master in the flesh.  

8. Why should a master be just and fair with his servants?  

9. The institution of slavery was instituted by God (T) (F).  

10. What should all Christians continue to be strong in all their lives?

11. For what did Paul want his brethren to pray in his behalf?

12. The Christian life should be a ______________ in _______________ toward non-Christians.

13. What wise treatment of our opportunities must we manifest towards the world?

14. Why must our speech be always with grace seasoned with salt before the world?



A. Tychicus and Onesimus to inform brethren of Paul’s condition (4:7-9)

B. Greetings from Paul’s companions (4:10-14).

1. Aristarchus (v.10)

2. Mark (v.10)

3. Jesus called Justus (v.11)

4. Epaphras (v. 12-13)

5. Luke (v. 14)

6. Demas (v. 14)


C. Instructions to the Colossians (4:15-17)


1. Salute brethren in Laodicea (v. 15)

2. Salute Nymphas and church (v. 15)

3. Read this letter in Laodicea (v. 16)

4. Read letter from Laodicea (v. 16)

5. Tell Archippus to fulfill his ministry (v. 17)

D. Paul’s salutation and benediction (4:18)


1. Continue steadfastly in prayer

2. Walk in wisdom toward non-Christians





a.  Tychicus          (1)  A Macedonian once captured by a Mob

b.  Onesimus        (2)  A close friend of Peter who once left Paul

c.  Aristarchus      (3)  Delivered the Ephesian letter

d.  Mark              (4)  Will later desert Paul in prison

e.  Epaphras         (5)  A run-away slave

f.  Luke                (6)  Preached grace of God in Colossae

g.  Demas            (7)  Needs to finish his special task

h.  Archippus       (8)  A doctor who was with Paul to the end  

2. Tychicus making known Paul’s state in prison will bring _____________ to the brethren.

3. Why should Onesimus being described as a faithful brother give us all encouragement as we strive to share the gospel with others?

4. Who also was a prisoner with Paul in Rome?  

5. Mark was a ____________ to Paul in prison.  

6. ___________ was called Justus and helped __________ Paul.

7. What was Epaphras always doing for his brethren?

8. Who was Nymphas (or Nympha)?

9. Where did the Laodicean church meet?  

10. What letter was to be read in Laodicea?

11. The Colossians were to read what letter?

12. What was Archippus to do regarding his ministry?

13. Paul wrote the whole letter to the Colossians with his own hand.  (T)  (F)

14. Paul wants his brethren to remember his _____________.

15. How would this remembering be done?