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A. Paul rejoices in sufferings for those to whom the mystery has been manifested through the word.

1. For Christ’s body – the church’s sake

2. The Mystery:

a. hidden but now made known

b. among the Gentiles

c. Christ in you – the hope of glory

B. Paul labors to present every man perfect in Christ (1:28-29)

1. By proclaiming Christ

2. Through admonition and teaching

3. According to God’s power


C. Paul earnestly desires that all have unity, and the riches of full understanding of the mystery of God (2:1-3)

1. In Christ – all treasures of wisdom and knowledge

D. Paul encourages all brethren to remain in Christ and not be deluded with persuasiveness of speech (2:4-7)



1. Why did Paul rejoice in his sufferings?

2. The afflictions of Christ that Paul “filled” were:

a. afflictions that Christ died too soon to suffer for on the cross.

b. afflictions that Christ promised would come upon Paul (Acts 9:16)

c. afflictions that come upon one in standing for the cause of Christ.

3. Christ’s body is the ________________.

4. Paul regarded his ministry as a ____________ of ______________.

5. The “mystery” is:

a. incomprehensible or obscure.

b. manifested and known.

6. Explain how the mystery is connected with the following:

a. the word of God:

b. the Gentiles:

c. Christ:

d. Hope:


7. How “inclusive” was Paul’s ministry?  


8. What comfort or encouragement does “love” bring a church?

9. What type of understanding did Paul desire for all his brethren?

10. Can Christ tolerate the idea of making a religion out of the best of all religions?  Why or why not?

11. What was Paul beholding with joy while absent from the Colossians?

12. “As therefore ye ________________ Christ Jesus the _______ so ___________________ in Him.”


13. Being established in the faith comes through teaching.  (T)  (F)

14. A Christian should be __________________ in thanksgiving.  Why?

15. Summing Up: From this section of Scripture, write down how every facet of Paul’s ministry is related to Christ: