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A. Philosophy (2:8-10)

1. Takes you away as captive slaves

2. Vain deceit

3. Tradition of men

4. Rudiments of the world

5. Not after Christ

a. In him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

b. In him we are complete.

c. Christ is head of all principality and power.

B. Judaism (2:11-17)

1. Christ provides a circumcision not made with hands.

a. through baptism

b. made alive

c. forgiveness

2. Christ provides nailing of ordinances to the cross.

3. Christ triumphs over all principalities and powers.

4. Let no man judge you over Jewish ordinances.

a. All are a shadow.

b. Christ is the body.


C. Angel Worship (2:18-19)

1. Robs you of your heavenly prize

2. Devotees puffed up

3. Does not hold fast the Head.

D. Asceticism (2:20-23)

1. We died with Christ from rudimentary ordinances of the world.

2. Ordinances deal with perishing things.

3. Such has no value against fleshly indulgence.



1. Why does Paul warn Christians to beware of philosophy?

2. The “rudiments of the world” describe a philosophy:

a. which is elementary when compared with the wisdom of Christ.

b. emphasizing the spiritual powers in the heavenly bodies.

c. both (a) and (b)

d. none of the above

3. Why do we not need any other doctrine than Christ’s?


4. In Christ we have what kind of circumcision?

5. How does faith relate to the action in baptism?

6. God has made us ____________ together with _________________ having __________________ us our trespasses.  


7. What was taken out of the way through the cross?

8. What triumph did Jesus experience through the cross?

9. Why are not the various Jewish observances, including the Sabbath Day, not essential for Christians to obey?

10. What were some worshipping that robs you of your prize?

11. Why is such worship appealing?  

12. How do we grow with God’s increase?

13. Keeping one’s self from physical pleasures is the life of a Christian (T) (F)

14. We can be severe to the ______________ and not be profitable at the same time in fighting against the _______________ of the __________________.



A. Seek The Things Above – Where Christ Is Seated (3:1-4)

1. Ye Died

2. Life Hid With Christ In God

3. Will Be Manifested With Christ In Glory  

B. Put To Death Therefore…Your Members On Earth (3:5-7)

1. Fornication

2. Uncleanness

3. Passion

4. Evil Desire

5. Covetousness – Idolatry

6. Things You Lived In


C. Put Them Away… (3:8-11)

1. Anger

2. Wrath

3. Malice

4. Railing

5. Shameful Speaking

6. Lies

a. Reason:

(1). Have put off old man – His doings

(2). Have put on new man – Renewed after image of Creator

(3). No social distinctions

D. Put On Therefore… (3:12-14)

1. Heart of compassion

2. Kindness

3. Lowliness

4. Meekness

5. Longsuffering

6. Forbearing one another

7. Forgiving each other

8. Love – Bond of perfectness

E. Things To Allow… (3:15-16)

1. Peace Of God Rules Hearts

2. Word Of Christ Dwells Richly

a. In all wisdom

b. Teaching and admonishing one another in song

F. Do All Things In The Name Of The Lord – With Thanksgiving (3:17)


1. When are we “raised together with Christ”?

2. What should we do because we are raised with Christ?

3. Our life is “hid” with Christ in the sense:

a. we are to “hide” the fact that we are Christians in difficult times.

b. we “died” to this world and are looking forward to be “manifested” in glory when Christ returns.

c. we are protected or “hid” from persecutors


4. To the Christian ________________ is our life.

5. Since fornication is a single illicit sexual act, it is impossible to live or continue in such sin. (T)  (F)

6. “Passion” relates to “evil desire” as desire out of control which lust or evil desire arouses (T) (F)  

7. Covetousness is _____________________.  Why?

8. What are “our members” that we are to put to death on the earth?

9. “Anger” is distinguished from “wrath” in:

a. anger is never a divine emotion while wrath sometimes is.

b. anger is a more settled condition while wrath is a sudden outburst.

c. anger quickly subsides while wrath leads to revenge

10. What sin can lead to the sin of “railing” or “blasphemy”?

11. What three sins of speech are we to put away from our lives?

12. The Christian life manifests the PUTTING __________ the ___________ man and the PUTTING ___________ the ____________ man.

13. How is the Christian renewed?

14. Why are there no social distinctions in the kingdom of Christ?

15. What THREE characteristics of Old Testament Israel characterize New Testament Christians today?

16. Our Christian expressions of “kindness” should come out of hearts of _______________ instead of just a since of duty.


17. Putting on “lowliness” as a Christian is:

a. to have a low opinion of oneself.

b. to have room in his mind to think of the needs of others.

c. to never acknowledge one’s superior talents.


18. “Meekness” is:

a. a combination of gentleness and submission to authority.

b. weakness.

c. none of the above

19. “Longsuffering” will manifest itself in ________________ on another.

20. How are we to forgive one another?

21. What holds these Christians qualities together?

22. What is to be “the umpire” in the thoughts of our hearts?

23. How does the word of Christ dwell richly in the Christian?

24. In our singing we are _________________ and _______________ one another.

25. What type of songs are we to sing in our worship?

26. What is to be in our hearts when we sing?

27. What should always be connected with our words and deeds?