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A. The Law of Moses is read and expounded to the people (8:1-8).

            B. The people are instructed concerning the feast of trumpets (8:9-12).

C. The people are instructed to keep the feast of tabernacles (8:13-18).

D. A day of penitence and prayer is observed (9:1-37).

E. The covenant is sealed (9:38-10:27).

F. The people take oaths to keep the Law (10:28-31).

G. Provisions are made for the temple service (10:32-39).



1. In Nehemiah 8:1-8, how “respectful” were the people to the reading of the Law?  

2. What did the priests and Levites do in connection to Ezra’s reading of the Law of Moses?

3. Why were the people sad when they heard the reading of the Law?

4. What feast was to be observed on the first day of the seventh month?


5. What were the people instructed to do instead of being sad?

6. What made the people strong in Nehemiah’s day that is the secret of our strength today?

7. What feast did the people keep when they dwelt in booths?

8. This feast had not been observed since the days of Joshua.  (T) (F)

9. With __________________ the people kept this feast for _______________ days.

10. On the 24th. day of the seventh month, what two things did the people do?

11. God is not only the Creator of all things but He ___________________ all things.

12. How do you know that the land promise to Israel has been fulfilled?

13. How do you know that keeping the Sabbath day was not commanded from the beginning of time in Eden?

14. From the experiences of Israel, illustrate the following characteristics of God:

 (a). Forbearance:

 (b). Mercy:

 (c). Just:

15. From observing the experiences of Israel, is it true that people will turn away from God in “good times” as well as “bad times?”

16. How was the covenant in chapter 9 sealed?

17. In the peoples’ oath to walk in God’s Law, what two specific requirements are mentioned?

18. To help provide provisions for the temple, the people were to pay the half-shekel.  (T) (F)

19. What was provided by the casting of lots among the priests, Levites and the people?

20. Besides tithing, the people of Israel provided for the house of God by giving the __________________________.