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A. Contrary to the flesh (v.16-17).

B. Not under the law of Moses (v.18).

C. Works of Flesh and such like - Cannot inherit the Kingdom (v.19-21).

1. Fornication - general sexual immorality

2. Uncleanness - impure minds and lives

3. Lasciviousness - shameless defiance to God's Law

4. Idolatry - worship of false gods

5. Sorcery - use of drugs, potions, spells in magical arts

6. Enmities - hatred and hostility

7. Strife - Contentious temper producing a quarrel

8. Jealousies - A begrudging look at and for the things of others

9. Wraths - hot anger.

10. Factions - self-seeking a following.

11. Divisions - standing apart

12. Parties - choosing one's own way

13. Envyings - feels displeasure at the success of others

14. Drunkenness - intoxication

15. Revellings - loud and uncontrolled merrymaking

D. Fruit of the Spirit - No law against such (v.22-23)

1. Love - active seeking the well-being of others.

2. Joy - happiness

3. Peace - serenity and tranquility

4. Longsuffering - Long tempered; patient

5. Kindness - Sweet gentleness

6. Goodness - kind justness

7. Faithfulness - fidelity or loyalty

8. Meekness - Strength and gentleness combined

9. Self-Control - self-restraint

E. Crucified lusts of Flesh (v.24-26).

F. Spirituality at Work (6:1-5).


1. What connection does Paul's discussion of the works of the flesh and the fruit of the spirit have with the law?

2. Can one walk by the Spirit and fulfill the lusts of the flesh at the same time?

3. Name the work of the flesh:

a. One telling an "off-colored" joke

b. Two men or two women have sex with one another

c. Indecent bodily movements on a dance floor

d. Selling one's body for sexual pleasure

e. Racism

f. Quarreling with another because you are in a bad mood

g. Putting making money before putting forth effort to worship God with the saints

h. Doesn't like to hear that a friend was promoted at work or school

i. Follows after a charismatic leader instead of teachings of Christ

j. Intoxicated by drinking alcohol

k. Participating in a "wild party"

m. "Clicks" in the church

n. Loses temper because one has insulted his faith

o. A group who no longer proves their practice by the authority of the Scriptures

p. Paying for the services of a fortune teller

4. Identify the fruit of the Spirit:

a. Knowing one is right with God

b. Argues with passion for truth without losing ones' temper

c. Generous with time and money

d. Holding to principle in the midst of unprincipled men or women

e. Listening and reacting with sympathy to one's problem

f. Being cheerful though feeling pain

g. Refusing to go along with the crowd in doing what is wrong

h. Having a grip one one's feelings and desires

i. Feeding your hungry enemy

5. Why is the spiritual one pointed out to restore the sinner?

6. Why is there not a contradiction over "bearing burdens" in verse 2 and 5?

7. What do you fulfill if you bear one another's burdens?

8. What is Paul's instruction that helps one keep one from self-deception?