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A. Title of Book and Times: (v.1)

1. “Vision of Isaiah” – Concerning Judah and Jeruslam.

2. During reigns of Kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah

B. Israel’s corruption is the cause of alienation from God and national calamities ( v.2-9).

C. Israel’s corruptness makes the outward forms of worship worthless before God (v.10-15).

D. God’s remedy proposed (v.16-17)

E. God’s invitation for Israel to reason with him concerning which side the fault of their calamities lay (v. 18-20).

1. Deliverance to the willing and obedient.

2. Destruction to those who refuse God’s mercy and are rebellious.

F. The once faithful city has become a harlot filled with unrighteousness and injustice (v. 21-23).

G. God will once again have a city of righteousness through the purging process of destruction of the sinners who in power                  wield unrighteousness and forsake God. (24-31).


1. What was the source of Isaiah’s “vision”?

2. How does God describe the deplorable state of His people’s ingratitude toward Him?

3. God’s people laden with sin are _________________ and have gone _______________ .

4. What had not worked to turn God’s sinful people back to Him?

5. In a figure of a body, how sick was Israel?

6. What is the meaning of Zion being like a “booth in a vineyard” and as a “lodge in a garden of cucumbers” ?

7. Why was Israel not like Sodom and Gomorrah?

8. Yet, as Sodom and Gomorrah, what does Israel need to heed?

9. How does God view the following attitude: If we assemble and participate in the various forms of worship unto God, then He       will be pleased with our worship?

10. What can happen in Heaven as we are spreading our hands in prayer on earth? Why?

11. In being “clean” what must Israel do?

12. In “learning to do well” what must Israel “seek”?

13. What is God encouraging Israel to do when He says, “Come now, and let us reason together” ?

14. If Israel would be _________ and ______________ they would eat the ______________ of the ______________.

15. If Israel would _____________ and ____________ they would be devoured by the ______________ .

16. Describe the present condition of the once “faithful city “of Jerusalem?

17. What process will God use to restore Zion to a city of righteousness ?

18. Why would the sinners“ be ashamed of the oaks, and confounded for the gardens ye have chosen?




JUDGMENT (Chapters 2-4).

A. Zion’s later day glory- (2:1-5).

1. Exalted at the head of all mountains.

2. All nations shall flow unto it to be taught God’s ways in God’s house.

3. The law and the word of Jehovah shall come from Jerusalem (cf.Lk. 24:47).

4. Characterized by justice and peace.

5. All should therefore walk in the light of Jehovah (cf. Micah 3:12-4:5, Jer. 26:18).

B. House of Jacob forsaken by God and estranged from Him due to following the false ways of  foreigners and being haughty in her luxuries (2:6-11).

1. Jacob filled with ways of the east, luxury and idols.

2. The consequent upcoming judgment and its effects.

C. The glory of Jehovah exalted in judgment upon His haughty people (2:12-22).

D. Jerusalem’s means of support taken away in judgment with its effects (3:1-7).

E. Jerusalem ruined due to her own sins (3:8-15)

1. Her words and deeds provoke God.

2. Not ashamed for her sins.

3. Capricious rulers have caused her to err.

F. The daughter of Zion deprived of her ornaments of beauty and humbled (3:16-4:1).

G. The future glorious beauty, guidance and protection of Zion (4:2-6).

1. The “branch” of Jehovah flourishes.

2. Jerusalem holy after being purged.

3. Zion guided and protected by God


1. Apply the following specifics of Isaiah’s prophecy in 2:1-4 showing how his prophecy was fulfilled in Christ and the establishment of His church in the New Testament:

a. “latter days” –

b. establishment of the “mountain of Jehovah’s house” –

c. “all nations shall flow into it” –

d. God’s law or word shall go forth “from Jerusalem” –

e. “beat their swords into plowshares…”

2. Since part of the glorious vision for Zion is to “walk in His paths” (2:3), what exhortation does Isaiah give to His people?

3. What other prophet gives this same prophecy and exhortation?

4. What was Israel “filled with” that caused God to “forsake” his people?

5. What attitude of the people is causing God’s judgment to come on his people?

6. What is the purpose of hiding in the rocks and holes of the earth?

7. Why does Isaiah say, “cease ye from man”?

8. When God takes away his people’s means of sustenance, how desperate will they be?

9. How are Israel’s “princes” and “rulers” characterized?

10. “Jerusalem is ruined…because their _______________ and their ________________ are ________________ Jehovah.”

11. How was Israel like “Sodom” in their attitude towards their sin?

12. What two word pictures does Isaiah give you to show the daughter of Zion’s haughty attitude?

13. How does Isaiah describe the “shame” and “sadness” that the daughter of Zion will experience?

14. What will the “desolate” situation cause the daughter of Zion to do?

15. Does Isaiah’s “branch of Jehovah” point to Christ?

16. What will the remnant in Zion be characterized as?

17. What blessing is it for Jehovah to create over Zion “a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night” ?

18. Will Zion have “protection” from dangers?

19. How does 4:2-6 tie in with 2:1-4?