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A. Jehovah will redeem and rebuild Jerusalem through Cyrus (44:24-45:7).

1. Jehovah alone has made all things.

2. Jehovah frustrates the works of idolaters.

3. Jehovah confirms the word of his messengers.

4. Jehovah predicts to dry up rivers to pave way for Cyrus to prepare the way for Jerusalem to be inhabited again.

5. God alone will subdue nations before Cyrus.

B. Righteousness and salvation will spring up together from Jehovah in the earth as Jerusalem is redeemed (45:8).

C. Woe to those who strive against one’s Maker- Israel’s Maker will redeem them through Cyrus (45:9-13).

D. God foresees the everlasting salvation of Israel (45:14-17).

E. God, the Creator of all things is not sought in vain (45:18-20).

F. God will save Israel and invites all nations to come to Him (45:20-25).


1. Why should Israel look to Jehovah alone for their redemption from Babylonian captivity?

2. How is the drying up of the rivers connected with Israel being delivered from captivity?

3. Who does God name as His shepherd and His anointed one to deliver Israel from captivity?

4. What two things will be accomplished through this appointed one?

5. What will God do to the nations through this appointed one?

6. Why is calling this shepherd and anointed one by name evidence of Divine inspiration?

7. In what sense does God “create evil”? Why does God say he does this in 45:7?

8. What does God create to come from the skies and the earth?

9. What two areas of life does God offer as illustrations to establish the woe in striving against one’s Maker?

10. What does God, Israel’s Maker, want Israel to ask of Him?

11. Explain what is meant by God’s appointed one letting the exiles go free “not for price nor reward”?

12. What respective glories of Egypt, Ethiopia and the Sabeans will be surrendered to Israel? Why?

13. What kind of salvation does God foresee for Israel?

14. God created the world to be ___________________ .

15. “I said not unto the Seed of Jacob, ‘Seek ye me in _____________’: I Jehovah, speak ________________, I declare things that are ________________.”

16. Whom does God invite to be saved by Him?

17. What qualities does God offer to show that He is the Only God?



A. Fall of the god’s of Babylon (46:1-13).

B. Fall of Babylon, the capital of the empire of the world (47:1-15).

C. Deliverance from Babylon (48:1-22).


1. Identify: Bel and Nebo.

2. What two points does Isaiah offer to show the lack of power and the futility of Babylon’s idols?

3. How does God offer Himself as a contrast to the idols of Babylon?

4. What does God say about his declarations that show Him to be the only God?

5. Describe the one whom God calls to bring Babylon down?

6. Describe the attire of the virgin and delicate daughter of Babylon.

7. Describe her nakedness and shame.

8. Why did God allow Israel to fall into the hands of Babylon?

9. How did Babylon treat Israel?

10. What faulty things did Babylon have her trust?

11. What two things shall come upon Babylon that Babylon thought would never happen to her?

12. Who will not be able to save Babylon from her destruction?

13. Israel had sworn by the name of Jehovah but not in _____________________ .

14. How had Israel manifested this error?

15. What characteristic of God differentiates himself from idols?

16. Why had God not cut Israel off completely?

17. Give reasons why Israel should hearken to Jehovah?

18. Who will perform God’s pleasure upon Babylon?

19. What should Israel sing as they go forth from Babylonian captivity?

20. What do the wicked not enjoy?