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A. Jehovah’s servant shall deal wisely and be exalted among nations after being the object of astonishment (52:13-15).

B. The message of Jehovah’s servant is not believed (53:1-3).

1. Grew up as a tender plant or as a root out of dry ground.

2. No comeliness –without beauty that would draw people to him.

3. Jehovah’s servant is despised and rejected of man.

4. Jehovah’s servant is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.

C. Jehovah’s servant bears man’s griefs, sorrows and iniquities (53:4-6).

1. Smitten of God

2. Chastisement of our peace is upon him

3. By His stripes are we healed.

D. Jehovah’s servant meets oppression, affliction and death vicariously and willingly (53:7-9).

1. As a lamb that is lead to the slaughter- opens not his mouth.

2. He dies for the transgression of his people.

3. His grave made with the wicked and with a rich man.

E. Jehovah’s servant’s vicarious suffering and death will satisfy God as an offering for sin (53:10-12).

1. God, satisfied with servant’s death, will prolong servant’s days.

2. Through knowledge of servant many will be justified.

3. God will identify his servant among the great and strong.


1. “The Lord’s servant shall deal ___________, and shall be _____________ and _____________ up, and shall be very high”

2. Why are the above facts about the Lord’s servant so astonishing?

3. What was the message of Jehovah?  How was it received?

4. How did people react to Jehovah’s servant as he grew up among men?

5. How did Jesus fulfill Isaiah 53:4 as one who bore man’s sicknesses or griefs ?

6. Why was the Lord’s servant smitten by God with death?

7. What healing did man receive through the death of the Lord’s servant?

8. How would the Lord’s servant meet his oppression and affliction?  Who fulfilled Isaiah 53: 7-8?

9. With whom was the Lord’s servant’s grave made?  What is the significance of this according to Isaiah?

10. What will happen with Jehovah’s servant once his death is accepted as an offering for sin?

11. What will be the blessing of those who gain the knowledge of the Lord’s servant?

12. What three ways does Jesus fulfill Isaiah 53:12?