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A. Exhortation to righteous living with consolation and hope for proselytes and eunuchs (Isa. 56:1-8).

1. God’s blessings upon those who live righteously and do not profane the Sabbath (v. 1-2).

2. Foreigners who have joined God’s people and eunuchs who live righteously will be accepted and blessed (v. 3-8).

B. Rebuke of leaders of Israel for their neglect of duty and for the errors of the people of Israel (Isa. 56:9- 57:21)

1. Israel’s leaders have failed as warning watchmen and have become dumb dogs in their self-centered greed (56:9-12).

2. The righteous have been killed but will escape the evil to come upon the unrighteous (57:1-2).

3. The rebuke of the unrighteous acts is connected with the people’s idolatry (57:11-13).

4. The object of people’s reverential fear will not save them (57:11-13).

5. God will dwell with and bless the contrite and humble in heart – no peace for the wicked (57:14-21).



1. What should the people do because God’s salvation was near?

2. What salvation was near?  

3. What is the character of the “foreigner” who does not have to fear being excluded among God’s people?

4. What three righteous acts does the eunuch do that will bring God’s blessings?

5. Why does the eunuch not have to remain in despair because he is a “dry tree?”

6. Whom are the beasts of the field invited by God to devour?

7. Give three characterizations of the “watchmen” who have failed in their responsibility to “watch”?

8. What blindness did the watchmen or shepherds manifest?  

9. What was not being considered as the righteous were perishing in Israel?

10. What attitude did the idolaters have toward the righteous?

11. To what “god” were the children of the people of Israel being sacrificially slain?

12. Why is it especially such a sad state for the people of Israel to have a memorial to their gods behind their door and posts?

13.   To whom did Israel in their idolatry appeal to for strength?

14. What will all the works of the idolatrous people do for them?

15. With whom does the High and Lofty and Holy God dwell?

16. Why will God not always contend with His people?

17. Why did God smite His people?  What immediate effect did it have on His people?

18. Who will have peace with God?

19. What are the wicked like?