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A. God’s reproof of His people (v. 1-7)

 1. He has been sought and found by those who have not been His people      (v. 1).

2. God has stretched out His hands to His people, the Jews, who live before Him in rebellion, conducting abominable practices (v. 2-5).

3. Israel’s own sins shall return to their own bosoms in the form of God’s wrath (v. 6-7)

B. God’s blessing upon His true people and curses upon those who continue to be rebellious (v.8-16)

 1. A remnant saved to be blessed (v. 8-10)

2. Those who seek idolatrous gods for fortune will be slaughtered with the sword (v. 11-12).

3. The blessings in store for the Lord’s servants and the curses ahead of those who do not heed the God of truth (v. 13-16).

C. God creates a new dwelling place for His people: “new heavens and a new earth” (v. 17-25)

1. A place where sorrowful former things are not remembered – God’s people rejoice (v. 17-19)

2. A place where long life is enjoyed by the righteous – but the sinner is accursed (v. 20)

3. A place where God’s blessed seed enjoy the fruits of their labors for a long time (v. 21-23)

4. A place where God is quick to hear and answer prayer (v.24)

5. A place where peace, not destruction, is found in God’s holy mountain    (v. 25)


1. Who is it that was not called by God’s name, but found Him?

2. What is Paul’s point in using Isaiah 65:1 in his letter to the Romans?

3. Describe the “walk” of the Israelites that was not good?

4. How were the Israelites provoking God to His face?

5. Contrast the way the idolatrous Israelites thought about themselves with the way God saw them:

6. In what way will the work of the idolatrous Israelites be “measured” unto them?

7. What is found in the cluster of the grape?  How does it illustrate the action of God regarding His true servants?

8. Who will inherit the mountains of Jehovah?

9. What are “Sharon” and “Achor,” and where are they located?

10. What is Isaiah talking about when he speaks of those who are “preparing a table,” and  “fill up mingled wine?”

11. Those who will be truly blessed in the earth are God’s servants who bless themselves in the ____________ of _________.

12. Why does God call His creation a “new heavens and a new earth?”

13.   What shall not be remembered in the new heavens and new earth?

14. What voices will not be heard in the new heavens and new earth?

15. In the new heavens and new earth, why will there not more be an infant of days?

16. Give two blessings that will come to the work of the hands of those in the new heavens and new earth?

17. The wolf and the lamb feeding together is indicating what in the new heavens and new earth?