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1. First 18 verses of John known as prologue to the Gospel.

2. Introduction sets our attention on the WORD – LOGOS.

3. We learn that Christ was the WORD before time and remained the WORD after he put on flesh (1:1, 14).

4. The doctrine set forth in this section is backed by examples in the remainder of the Gospel.


I. THE PROLOGUE (1:1-18)

A. The character of the “Logos” (v. 1-5)

1. Pre-existence.

2. In active fellowship with God

3. Was God

4. Agent of God in creation

5. Originator and revealer of life

B. The manifestation of the Logos (v. 6-13)

            1. Ushered in with testimony – work of John the Baptizer

            2. Results: unbelief and belief

            3. Virgin birth

C. Logos manifested in flesh (v. 14-18)

            1. The Incarnate Word

            2. Character: grace and truth

            3. Purpose: to make known God to all mankind


1. What all is conveyed in the word, “WORD”?

2. When did the WORD begin?

3. What two truths about Christ are conveyed in: “the word was with God”?

4. Was the WORD “God” or “a god”?

5. How does verse 3 imply that Christ was not a created being?

6. What did life become to man?  How?

7. What did the darkness fail to do with the light?  Explain.

8. Who is the “John” of verse 6?

9. What was the character of John’s activity?

10. What did the “world and even the Lord’s “own” fail to do?

11. Who has been given the right to become children of God?

12. Explain what is meant by believing “on His name”.

13. To whom is “who” referring in verse 13?

14. What did the “Word” become?

15. What did men see when they beheld Him?

16. How does verse 15 show that Christ existed before His birth?

17. What 3 distinctions are made in verse 17 between Moses and Christ?

18. Has anyone seen God?

19. What is meant by Christ “declaring” the Father?