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A. Manifested to the Samaritan woman and her neighbors (4:1-42)

1. Jesus departs Judea – “must need” pass through Samaria (4:1-6)

a. Word is out that He is making more disciples than John.

b. God’s work must be accomplished.

c. Disciples depart into city to buy food.

2. Jesus speaks with woman concerning the gift of “living water” (4:7-26)

a. Woman surprised that Jesus (Jewish man) would ask water of her (Samaritan woman).

b. Jesus offers her the spiritual and eternal life-giving water – yet she thinks in terms of thirst quenching literal water.

c. Jesus’ knowledge of her personal life moves her to confess that He is a prophet.

d. Jesus responds to her question about the place of worship by teaching that God’s true worshippers worship Him “in spirit and in truth.”

3. Disciples return surprised to see Jesus talking with a woman – but none question Him as to “what” or “why” (4:27-38).

a. Woman leaves water pot to tell her neighbors of the one “who told me all things that ever I did.”

1. Her open question: “Can this be the Christ?”

2. People of the city come to see for themselves.

b. Disciples plead with Christ to eat – Christ points out that His “meat” is to accomplish God’s work.

1. Jesus encourages disciples to focus on the harvest of souls before them, and pray for laborers.

4. Many of the Samaritans believe on Christ (4:39-42).

            a. Some believe because of the woman’s words.

b. Many more believe because of His word during two day visit with Jesus – confessed that Jesus “is the Saviour of the world.”

B. Manifested to the nobleman of Capernaum – Jesus heals his son (4:43-54)

            1. Jesus leaves after two day visit in Samaria for Galilee (4:43-45).

a. Reason:  to avoid honor that might cause premature conflict with Pharisees – He knows a prophet is without honor in his own country”

2. In Cana, Jesus heals a nobleman’s son who is in Capernaum near death (4:46-54)

a. The man asks Jesus to come to Capernaum to heal son – Jesus sees heart that will only believe by seeing miracles.

b. Jesus speaks the word that son is healed – man believes word.

c. Belief strengthened when man finds out the next day on his way to Capernaum that the hour Jesus spoke, the fever left.

d. The second sign Jesus did after coming out of Judea into Galilee.


1. Why did Jesus leave Judea?

2. Why was it mandatory for Jesus to pass through Samaria?

3. Identify “the Samaritans”:

4. What is meant by: “for Jews have no dealings with Samaritans”?

5. Explain what Jesus offered the woman?  


6. Give examples that illustrate the kind of living water she has in mind?

7. Out of all that Jesus said, what part of the conversation was on her mind when she went to tell others about the one she met?  

8. What is meant by Jesus’ statement that salvation is of the Jews?

9. From “where” and “how” does one offer God acceptable worship?

10. Give the progression of this woman’s concept of Jesus:

11. What did Jesus confess to be?

12. What did Jesus encourage the disciples to see and do?

13. What did the Samaritans confess about Christ?

14. How did they come to their conclusion?

15. Why did Jesus depart into Galilee?

16. What did Jesus say about a weakness, in the nobleman’s faith?

17. What did Jesus do to strengthen the nobleman’s faith?

18. Jesus was in Capernaum when He miraculously healed the nobleman’s son.  (T)  (F)  

19. Was this miracle the second sign Jesus had done in his ministry?  (Explain).