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A. Jesus heals blind man (chapter 9)

1. The miracle – work of God (9:1-7)

a. Blindness not punishment for sin – opportunity for miraculous work of God.

b. Man born blind – Jesus mixes his spittle with clay – man washes in pool of Siloam – man sees (9:5)

c. Occurs on Sabbath (9:14)

2. The man

            a. A beggar (9:8)

            b. Before his neighbors (9:8-12)

                        (1) They argue if it is really him.

                        (2) Man says Jesus healed him.

            c. Before Pharisees – the first time (9:13-17)

(1) Pharisees are divided: Jesus is a sinner – healing on sabbath; a sinner cannot do such signs.

(2) The man answers: HOW he was healed – repeats the instructions given by Jesus; WHO healed him – prophet.

d. Before Pharisees – the second time (9:24-34)

             (1) Pharisees: Know Jesus is a sinner.

             (2) The man: knows he was blind and now sees.

(a) Asked HOW healed – already answered, why answer again?

(b) If Jesus not from God – could do nothing

(c) Man cast out for teaching Pharisees when born in sin.

e. Before Jesus (9:35-41)

             (1) Jesus asks man if he believed in the Son of God.

             (2) Jesus claims to be Son of God.

             (3) Jesus worshipped.

3. Man’s parents called to testify (9:18-23)

            a. Confess that man is their son and born blind.

            b. Do not confess how he was healed – fear Jews.

            c. Appeal to Pharisees to ask son who is of age to answer for himself.


B. Jesus’ parable and claims (Chapter 10)

1. Feast of Dedication – remembering cleaning of temple in Maccabean Period (10:22).

            a. People remembered miracle of chapter 9 (10:21)

2. Parable of shepherd and sheep-fold (10:1-6)

3. Jesus’ claims (10:7-42)

            a. Door of sheep – access

            b. Good shepherd – gives life for sheep

            c. One with Father – Deity

4. Reaction of Pharisees:

            a. Do not understand parable (10:6)

            b. Jesus is crazy – claims He has demon (10:20)

            c. But, can demon open eyes of the blind? (10:21)

            d. Desire to know if Jesus is indeed the Christ (10:24)

e. Accuse Jesus of blasphemy: man making himself equal with God (10:33, 36)

f. Seek to take Jesus – unsuccessful (10:39)

5. Jesus goes to area beyond Jordan – many believe (10:41-42).


1. What was a common belief among Jews about one who was afflicted?

2. What is the night that will come in 9:4?  

3. What two questions did the Pharisees ask the man?

4. Why was there division among the Pharisees?

5. What did the man confess about Jesus?

6. What question did the man’s parents refuse to answer?  Why?

7. Why did the Pharisees call the man to answer a second time?

8. Was the answer given by the man the second time merely sarcastic?

9. Who is the sinner that God does not hear?

10. Besides being a miracle, what made this healing unusual?

11. What claim did Jesus make to the healed man?

12. According to Jesus, what was one reason for coming to earth?

13. Explain verse 41:

14. What characteristic separates the true shepherd from thief and robber?

15. What of the parable does Jesus apply to Himself?

16. What kind of life does Jesus give?

17. Who are the other sheep not of current fold?

18. What were two opposing views concerning Jesus?

19. What was the Feast of Dedication?

20. Does 10:28-29 teach “once saved always saved” doctrine?

21. Why was Jesus accused of blasphemy?

22. Did Jesus claim to be the Son of God?

23. Did John perform miraculous signs?