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A. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (11:1-46)

1. Jesus waits two more days after healing of death – glory of God to be seen in his miraculous power.

2. Jesus claims to be the resurrection and the life to beloved Martha.

3. Jesus gives thanks to God for miracle before commanding Lazarus to come forth from the tomb – for the people’s sake.

4. Many of the Jews believe on Jesus – some go to tell Pharisees.   

B. The council of Jews plans to kill Jesus (11:47-57)

1. If you leave Jesus alone – all men will believe on Him

2. Caiaphas prophesies – One (Jesus) should die for the nation

3. Jesus departs to Ephraim with disciples

C. Jesus has supper with Martha, Mary and Lazarus in Bethany (12:1-11)

            1. Six days before His final Passover

2. Mary anoints Jesus feet with expensive ointment – prepares Jesus for death.

3. Insincere Judas complains

4. Common people seek Jesus to see Lazarus and Jesus – chief priests plan to kill Lazarus

D. Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on an ass’ colt – fulfill prophecy of Zech. 9:9 (12:12-19)

E. Greeks seek Jesus (12:20-36)

1. Jesus sees hour has come for son of man to be glorified.

2. Jesus sees time as the time for the prince of this world to be cast out.

3. Jesus sees death as the way to life and drawing power for all man.

4. Jesus encourages multitude to walk in light while they have it – believe on the light to become sons of light.

F. The Jews continue to be hardened by the works of Jesus (12:37-50)

            1. Fulfills Isaiah’s prophecy – Sees Jesus’ glory – and Jews hardened hearts.

2. Rulers believe but will not confess – love glory of men rather than glory of God.

3. Jesus’ words will judge in last day – from the father.



1. Where is Bethany located?

2. Was Jesus close to Martha, Mary and Lazarus?

3. How long did Jesus wait after hearing of Lazarus’ sickness before He departed?

 Why the delay?

4. What did Jesus claim to Martha?

5. What did Jesus mean by speaking of those who never die?

6. What did Jesus do before raising Lazarus?

7. What was Caiaphas’ response to the frustrated Jews?  

8. What were two important purposes of Jesus’ death according to Caiaphas’ prophecy?

9. Where did Jesus depart with his disciples?   Why?  

10. Where did Jesus go six days before his final Passover?

11. Why was Judas upset with Mary?  

12. What were the Jews plotting in regard to Lazarus?   Why?  

13. What was significant about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem?


14. Why did the multitude greet Jesus?

15. What group of people desired to meet Jesus in Jerusalem?

16. What hour had come according to Jesus?

17. What did the voice out of heaven say about Jesus?  

18. What would draw all men unto Jesus?

19. What had Isaiah prophesied concerning his people?

20. What lesson do the rulers provide for us concerning faith?

21. Believing on Jesus’ word was just like believing on whom?

22. What is the consequence of not believing Jesus’ word?



A. Jesus illustrates humility by washing the disciples’ feet (13:1-17)

B. Jesus identifies His betrayer, Judas (13:18-30)

C. Jesus gives disciples new commandment: love one another (13:31-35)

D. Jesus predicts Peter’s denial (13:36-38)

E. Jesus assures disciples that His going away is to prepare a place for them (14:1-3).

F. Jesus claims that He is the way unto the Father (14:4-6)

G. Jesus claims that when you see Him, you have seen the Father (14:7-15).

H. Jesus reveals that another comforter will be sent to His disciples: The Holy Spirit (14:16-18, 25-26).

I. Jesus tells how true disciples show their love: obedience (14:19-31).



1. What was to take place now that Jesus’ hour had come?

2. What “supper” is mentioned in 13:2?

3. Describe Jesus’ love for His own disciples:

4. What “three things” did Jesus know in 13:3?

5. In 13:7, was Jesus stressing the act of feet washing or the attitude behind it?

6. Why did Jesus tell Peter that his hands and head did not need washing?

7. What did Jesus mean when He said, “Ye are not all clean”?  

8. Did Jesus wash Judas Iscariot’s feet?  

9. What prophecy did Judas fulfill in betraying the Lord?  

10. Explain why Jesus warned disciples of His betrayal beforehand?  

11. Who would one be receiving if he received the Lord’s apostles?

12. What statement of Jesus troubled the disciples?

13. To whom did Peter look for help in understanding the meaning of Jesus’ remarks?

14. What did “What thou doest, do quickly” mean to the disciples?  

15. What did Jesus say when Judas Iscariot left their midst?  

16. Where was Jesus going that the disciples could not come?  

17. How is loving one another a NEW commandment?

18. Name some ways we can know that we are the Lord’s disciples?  

19. What did Jesus predict about Peter?

20. What place did Jesus prepare for his disciples?  (Explain you answer in light of    Matthew 25:34).

21. Did Jesus claim to be a way unto the Father?  

22. Why was Jesus surprised with Philip’s question?

23. What are the greater works the disciples would do?

24. What is the concept in 14:13-14 of asking in the name of Jesus?  

25. Who is it that truly loves the Lord?   

26. Who is the promised “comforter”?  How would He “comfort”?