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A. Jesus teaches lesson of vine, husbandman and branches (15:1-8)

1. Jesus – true life – sustaining vine

2. Father – pruning husbandman

3. Disciples – fruit bearing branches

B. Jesus reveals and commands LOVE (15:9-17)

1. Reveals God’s love – lay down life for friends

2. Abiding in God’s love demands keeping Lord’s commandments

3. Commands to love one another

C. Jesus reminds disciples of their relationship with the WORLD (15:18-25)

1. Not of the world – world hates you

2. World hates master – will hate master’s servants

3. To hate the Son is to hate the Father

4. Fulfilled prophecy: Jesus hated without a cause

D. Jesus points to the coming comforter, the Holy Spirit and chosen disciples (apostles) as bearing witness of Him(15:26-27).

E. Jesus warns disciples of difficult times – keep them from stumbling (16:1-4)

F. Jesus emphasizes need of going away to the Father – provides for coming of comforter – the Holy Spirit (16:6-15).

1. Holy Spirit will convict world of sin, judgment and righteousness.

2. Holy Spirit will guide disciples (apostles) into all truth – declare things to come.

3. Holy Spirit will declare things of God – includes Father and Son.

G. Jesus intimates of His coming death and the glorious things to follow (16:16-33).

1. In a little while, they will see Him no more – yet in a little, while they will see Him.

2. They will soon have sorrow – afterward, they will have joy.

3. Day coming of understanding – speak not in dark sayings.

4. Jesus questions disciples of their belief – hour will come when they will leave Jesus alone.

5. Jesus offers peace – has overcome world.

H. Jesus prays (Chapter 17)

1. For Himself – be glorified

2. For disciples (apostles) – be kept

3. For believers – be united


1. What is one way to glorify God?

2. Give the central point of Jesus’ allegory of the vine and branches:

3. How does one continue to abide in God’s love?

4. Why do you think some are not finding joy in their lives?

5. What difference does Jesus make between servants and friends?

6. Who is promised to receive anything if they ask it in the Lord’s name?

7. Why is there hatred in the world’s heart for the Christian?

8. Does 15:22 & 24 teach that “ignorance is bliss”?

9. Who is the “comforter”, and what would He do?

10. Why was Jesus telling His chosen disciples “these things”?

11. Why was it necessary for Jesus to go away?

12. Name three things the Holy Spirit would do to the world?

13. Name at least three things the Holy Spirit would do for the disciples (apostles)?

14. When would the “little while” occur when the disciples would see Jesus?

15. What point did Jesus illustrate with the birth of a child?

16. Why did Jesus ask His apostles, “Do you now believe?”?

17. What can we have in Christ? Upon what basis?

18. For what three reasons or groups did Jesus pray?

19. What was the work Jesus had accomplished?

20. What kind of unity does Jesus desire for His people?

21. Why did Jesus say He had and would declare God’s name?



A. Jesus willingly seized in the garden (18:1-11)

1. Judas led soldiers and officers to well-known garden.

2. Jesus acknowledges, “I Am He” – captors fall to ground in astonishment.

3. Jesus rebukes Peter for cutting off right ear of Malchus in defense of Jesus- He must drink the cup.

B. Jesus questioned in presence of Annas and then Caiaphas (18:12-27)

            1. Peter denies the Lord three times (18:15-18, 25-27)

C. Jesus brought before Pilate for final sentencing (18:28-19:16)

1. Jesus confesses that He is king – kingdom not of this world

2. Pilate sees no fault worthy of death in Him-but delivers Him up anyway.

D. Jesus crucified on Golgotha (19:17-37)

1. Soldiers part Jesus’ garment and cast lots for Jesus’ coat.

2. Jesus charges John to look after His mother.

3. Jesus thirsts – it is finished- gives up His spirit.

4. Jesus, already dead, is pierced in His side with a spear – bones not broken.

E. Jesus’ body prepared for burial by Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus, and then placed in tomb (19:38-42)


1. Where is the brook Kidron located?

2. Did Judas and the Jews come prepared for a struggle in seizing Jesus?

3. What happened when Jesus said that He was Jesus of Nazareth?

4. Why was Peter admonished for using his sword?

5. What is “the cup” in 18:11?

6. Did any of the disciples enter the court when Jesus was taken before Annas?

7. Why did Jesus feel He did not have to answer about His teaching and disciples?

8. Did Jesus “turn the other cheek” when struck?

9. To whom was Jesus led after appearing before Annas?

10. Did Peter deny the Lord before just three people?

11. What was the Praetorium?

12. Did Jesus claim to be king?

13. Why did He question Pilate’s meaning of kingship?

14. Why did Pilate want to release Jesus in observance of the Passover?  

15. Why did the chief priests and others say Jesus should die?


16. What did the soldiers do to Jesus?

17. From what source did Jesus claim Pilate’s power came?

18. What time was Jesus delivered up to be crucified?  

19. Does Calvary and Golgotha mean the same?

20. What inscription did Pilate write on the cross?

21. In what language was it written?

22. What Old Testament Scripture was fulfilled when Jesus was on the cross?

23. Whom did Jesus charge to take care of His mother?

24. Why did the Jews want the bodies removed quickly from the cross?

25. What two men came to prepare Jesus’ body for burial?

26. Why would the place Jesus’s body was buried be strong evidence for His resurrection?