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A. Jesus raised from the dead and appears to Mary Magdalene (20:1-8)

1. Mary sees stone removed from Jesus’ tomb and tells Peter and John           (v. 1-3)  

2. Peter and John run to empty tomb (v. 3-10)

a. John looks in to see linen grave clothes lying

b. Peter enters tomb and sees linen clothes lying, and rolled up in place by itself.

c. Peter and John return to their home not comprehending the Scripture that foretold Jesus’ resurrection.

3. Jesus stands before Mary (v. 11-18)

            a. Two angels in tomb ask her why she is crying

            b. Jesus asks her why she is crying

c. Jesus tells her not to touch Him – He has not ascended to Father yet.

d. Jesus instructs her to tell brethren of his ascension

e. Mary tells disciples that she has seen the Lord and relates His sayings.   

B. Jesus appears to disciples on Sunday evening (20:19-25)

1. Jesus speaks peace.

2. Jesus shows hands and side for proof of his crucifixion and death.  

3. Jesus breathes on them – command to receive the Holy Spirit- work of forgiving and retaining sins.

4. Thomas absent – desires proof of Jesus

C. Jesus appears to disciples with Thomas present (20:26-29)

1. Eight days later

2. Thomas confesses Jesus as his Lord and God

3. Jesus pronounces blessing on those who have not seen, yet believe.  

D. Purpose given for Jesus’ recorded miracles – that reader might believe in the deity of Jesus and trust Him for eternal life (20:30-31)

E. Jesus appears to disciples at Sea of Tiberias (21:1-23)

1. Seven disciples fishing

2. Jesus causes unprofitable fishermen’s net to be filled with 153 great fishes – yet net not rent.

3. Jesus stresses the character of love upon the mind of Peter.

4. Jesus predicts the circumstances surrounding Peter’s death

5. Jesus emphasizes the personal responsibility of discipleship

F. John closes gospel with affirmation of truthfulness and statement emphasizing the glorious work of Jesus (21:24-25)


1. On what day did Mary Magdalene come to the tomb?

2. What did Mary see and conclude?

3. What proof of the resurrection did Peter and John see when they came to the tomb?

4. What lesson was Jesus conveying to Mary by saying, “touch me not”?


5. Who was the first person to see the Lord following His resurrection?

6. How did Jesus prove His identity to His disciples?

7. Explain the purpose of Jesus breathing on His disciples:

8. Who was absent from the first meeting of Jesus and His disciples and what did he demand?

9. Was Thomas a weak “doubter”?

10. Upon whom does the Lord pronounce a beatitude?

11. What is another name for the Sea of Tiberias?

12. What did Jesus command His fishing disciples to do?

13. Who first recognized that the man on the beach was Jesus?

Who first acted on the knowledge?

14. How many fishes did the disciples net?

15. What three things did the disciples see when they came to land?

16. What appearance was this of Jesus before His disciples?

17. In verse 15, to whom or what does the word “these” refer?

18. What is common and different in the words, “tend” and “feed”?

19. What about Jesus’ remarks grieved Peter?

20. After telling about Peter’s death, what did Jesus tell Peter to do?

21. What was Peter’s response to Jesus’ command?

22. What misunderstanding did the disciples have of Jesus’ remarks to Peter?

23. What is affirmed about John’s testimony?

24. What does 21:25 say about the deeds of Christ that are recorded?