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Jerry Fite


A. The judgeship of Othniel (3:7-9)

1. Israel’s four-fold cycle (3:7-9)

a. Israel does evil – serves Baalim and Asheroth

b. Angry Jehovah sells Israel into hand of Cu-shan-rish-a-tha-im, King of Mesopotamia.

c. Israel cries unto Jehovah.

d. Jehovah raised up Othniel, the son of Kenaz, Caleb’s younger brother.

2. Othniel judges Israel (3:10-11)

a. Spirit of Jehovah upon him – King of Mesopotamia delivered into his hand.

b. Land had rest for 40 years.

c. Othniel dies.

B. The judgeship of Ehud (3:12-30)

1. Israel’s four-fold cycle (3:12-13)

a. Israel does evil again.

b. Jehovah strengthens Eglon, the king of Moab, who along with children of Ammon and Amalek

smites Israel and takes Jericho – Israel serves 18 years.

c. Israel cries unto Jehovah.

d. Jehovah raises up Ehud, the left-handed Benjamite.

2. Ehud judges Israel (3:16-30)

a. Ehud’s two-fold step of deliverance

(1). With his two-edged dagger, Ehud kills the very fat king Eglon.

(2). Ehud leads with the blowing of the trumpet in Ephraim and suffered not a man to pass over

the fords of the Jordan River – 10,000 men of Moab slain.

b. The land has rest for 80 years.

C. The judgeship of Shamgar (3:31)

1. Shamgar slays 600 Philistines with an ox-goad.

2. Shamgar saves Israel.


1. What two things occurred regarding Israel’s relationship with Jehovah when Israel served Baalim and Asheroth?

2. Who sold Israel into the hands of King of Mesopotamia?

3. In what way did Israel remember Jehovah?

4. Who delivered Israel out of the hands of Cushanrishathaim?

5. How long did Israel have rest after subduing the king of Mesopotamia?

6. What is said in 3:12 that shows another cycle of Israel’s history is beginning?

7. Why would the children of Moab and the children of Ammon be natural allies?

8. How did Ehud attract the attention of Eglon?

9. How did Ehud conceal his true mission?

10. Describe the physical characteristic of Eglon and his Moabites.

11. How did Ehud gain leadership of his people against the children of Moab?

12. How many did Ehud and Israel kill at the Jordan River?

13. After Moab was subdued, how long did the land have rest?

14. With what weapon did Shamgar kill 600 Philistines?

15. What did Shamgar do for Israel?  Was he a judge?