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Jerry Fite


A. Israel’s sin and God’s punishment (4:1-3)

1. Israel begins another cycle of doing evil following Ehud’s death.

2. Jehovah sells Israel into the hand of Jabin, king of Canaan and his captain, Sisera.

a. Jabin reigned in Hazor.

b. He possessed 900 chariots of iron.

3. Israel cries unto Jehovah – 20 years oppressed.

B. Deborah calls Barak with commandment of Jehovah to deliver Israel from Jabin’s oppression (4:4-10).

1. Deborah: a prophetess and judge.

a. Wife of Lappidoth.

b. She dwelt between Ramah and Bethel.

2. Barak: son of Abinoam.

a. Called out of Kedesh-naphtali.

3. Jehovah’s command: Go to mount Tabor with 10, 000 men, and God will deliver Jabin’s army into Israel’s

hand at the river Kishon.

4. Barak goes upon condition that Deborah will go with him.

a. Deborah’s prophecy: Journey will not be Barak’s glory, for Jehovah will sell Sisera

into the hand of a Woman.

C. Kenites tell Sisera of Israel’s going to mount Tabor (4:11-12).

D. Barak’s battle and defeat of Sisera (4:13-16)

1. Deborah’s cry: “Up, for this is the day which Jehovah hath delivered Sisera into thy hand.”

2. Jehovah discomfits Sisera – pursued to Harosheth.

3. Sisera escapes on foot – not a man is left.

E. Sisera finds solace and death at the hands of Jael (4:17-22).

1. Jael offers protection and nourishment in her tent.

2. Jael kills Sisera by driving tent-pin into his temple.

3. Pursuing Barak finds a greeting Jael and a dead Sisera.

F. God’s subduing leads to Israel’s prevailing more against Jabin (4:13-24).


1. Explain what God did when Israel did evil again?

2. How was the army of king Jabin equipped?  Was this a problem to Israel?

3. What three things do we know about Deborah in 4:4?

4. Where was Barak when he was called by Deborah?

5. Was the promised victory over the Canaanites something Deborah just hoped for?

6. What was Barak commanded to do?

7. How did Barak react to the command?

8. How did the Kenites figure in the battles as a blessing and curse to Sisera?

9. Where was the battle between Israel and Sisera fought?

10. How complete was Israel’s victory over the host of Sisera?

11. What two deeds of kindness did Jael do to the fugitive Sisera?

12. How did Sisera die?  What prophecy did this fulfill?

13. How did Barak know that Sisera was dead?

14. Who really subdued Jabin, the king of Canaan?  How does this help us in our spiritual battles today?

15. Did this battle alone completely subdue the power of Jabin over Israel?