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6. How would Sisera’s mother be answered when she questioned the lateness of Sisera’s return home from the war with Israel?



A. The oppression of the Midianites (6:1-10)

1. Israel oppressed for seven years (6:1)

2. Israel dwells in dens and caves in the mountains (6:2)

3. Midianites, numerous as locusts, devour Israel’s sustenance (6:3-5)

4. Israel cries unto God (6:6)

5. God sends prophet with message: “…but ye have not hearkened unto my voice” (6:7-10).

B. The call of Gideon in Ophrah (6:11-24)

1. Angel of Jehovah appears to encourage Gideon (6:11-18).

2. Gideon prepares and offers sacrifice before the angel of Jehovah, and builds altar unto Jehovah (6:19-24).

a. Fire comes forth from the rock to signify that angel, and the call is of Jehovah (cf. 6:17).

C. Jehovah commands Gideon to overthrow the altar of Baal (6:25-32).

1. The Command: Throw down altar of Baal, cut down Asherah, and offer burnt offering in the wood of the Asherah (6:25-26)

2. Gideon obeys Jehovah at night with help of ten men servants (6:27).

3. Men of city seek life of Gideon (6:28-30)

4. Gideon’s father, Joash, reasons with men that if Baal is a god let him contend for himself against the one who tore down the altar (6:30-32).

a. Gideon receives name: Jerubbaal – “Let Baal Contend” – “Baal-fighter”

D. God prepares Gideon and people for war (6:33-7:8).

1. Enemy encamps in the valley of Jezreel (6:33).

2. Spirit of the Lord comes on Gideon, and he summons his own kindred (Abiezer) and men of Manasseh, Asher, Zebulun and Naphtali (6:34-35).

3. Gideon seeks confirmation of God being with him to deliver the people by the sign of the fleece (6:36-40).

4. God deliberately shrinks the number of the Israelites from 32,000 to 300 (7:1-8).  


1. Why did God deliver Israel into the hands of Midian?

2. Of whom were the Midianites descendants?

3. Briefly describe the oppression of the Midianites upon Israel?

4. What did God do in answer to the cry of the oppressed Israel?

5. Who was Gideon, and where did he live?

6. Who came to encourage Gideon?

             How did Gideon react?

7. What sign did Gideon receive that proved he was in the presence of Jehovah?

8. What did God command Gideon to do in regard to the altar of Baal and the Asherah?  

9. What is the background to Gideon receiving the name: “Jerubbaal”?

10. Did Gideon make trial of God?  Explain.

11. Who were with the Midianites and where did they encamp?

12. How many Israelites were encamped around the waters of Harod?

13. Why did God think they were too many?  

14. Explain how God commanded Gideon to reduce the number.  

15. How many were left to deliver Israel from Midian?