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A. Micah and the Levite (17:1-13)

 1. Micah steals 1,100 pieces of silver from mother.

2. Micah returns it to mother who dedicates it to JEHOVAH by making IMAGES in service to Micah’s house of gods.

a. graven and molten image – 200 pieces

b. ephod – priestly garment

c. teraphim – (Heb. For household gods)

d. Micah’s son as priest

3. Micah pays Levite to be counselor and priest.

a. In the days when “every man did what was right in his own eyes.”

b. Levite was a sojourner in Bethlehem in Judah.

c. Paid ten pieces of silver, a suit of clothes and food.

B. Danite conquest in the North (18:1-31)

1. Danites seek new territory to inherit since they have not fully possessed their allotted possession.

2. Five spies sent and seek counsel of priest in Micah’s house – inquire of God to see if journey will be prosperous.

3. Spies see land and report to own people.

a. See people quiet and secure

b. See no oppressive ruler

c. See them far from the Sidonians – no dealings with anyone

d. Report of spacious land – no lack

4. People send six hundred armed to take land – Laish.

5. Danites take idols, ephod and Levite from Micah’s house of gods.

6. Micah seeks to retrieve lost possessions to no avail.

7. Danites attack Laish with sword and burn it with fire.

8. Danites rebuild city and call it Dan.

9. Idols set up that were taken from Micah’s house – Jonathan (Levite), and his sons serve as priests.

a. Continues as long as house of God was at Shiloh.


1. Why do you think Micah returned the 1,100 pieces of silver to his mother?

2. In the mind of Micah’s family, have they forgotten Jehovah?

3. What five distinct things are found in Micah’s shrine?


4. What was the condition of the times that could lead to such idolatry?  

5. Describe the character of the Levite from Bethlehem in Judah?

6. Describe the use of the term “father” as it relates to the priest in 17:10 and 18:19?

7. In what two ways are chapters 17 and 18 linked?


8. Why did the Danites seek other land in which to dwell?  

9. Describe the land which the five spies of Dan searched?

10, How many armed Danites were set out for war?

11. What did the Danites take from Micah?

12. Why did Micah not persist in retaining his spiritual possessions?

13.  What was the name of the city taken from the Danites?

14. Of all of Micah’s stolen idols, what did the Danites set up in their new city?

15. This particular idolatry and priesthood of the Levite and sons continued until when?