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A. The times: “When there was no king in Israel…every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (19:1, 21:25).

B. The Levite and the murder of his concubine (19:1-30).

1. Sojourning Levite takes concubine of Bethlehem-judah.

2. Concubine plays the harlot – returns to father’s house.

3. After four months, Levite goes to entreat concubine to return.

4. On fifth day of enjoying hospitality of concubine’s father, Levite departs with concubine.  

a. Stops in Gibeah for the night.

b. Wicked Benjamites of Gibeah seek to “know” the Levite.

c. Given concubine instead.

d. Concubine murdered.

5. Levite divides body of concubine into twelve parts and spreads the body parts throughout Israel.

C. Israel’s counsel at Mizpah (20:1-11)

1. Levite tells assembly of Benjamites’ wicked acts of lewdness and folly.

2. Israel unites to conquer city of Gibeah as they would any other heathen city.


D. Preparation for war between Israel and the Benjamites (20:12-19).

1. Benjamites refuse Israel’s message to turn over guilty ones for punishment

2. Benjamites and Gibeah number 26, 700 – 700 left-handed marksmen with sling and stone.

3. Israel numbers 400,000 for war.


E. Israel’s three counsels of Jehovah and the three battles with Benjamites       (20:20-48).

1. First counsel: who will go up first to battle? – “Judah” is God’s answer.

  a. Benjamin smites 22,000 Israelites.

2. Second counsel: Shall we go battle Benjamin, our brother? –                      “Yes” is God’s answer.

a. Benjamin smites 18,000 Israelites.

3. Third counsel: Shall we go up to battle Benjamin, or cease? -
“Go up…I will deliver him into thy hand” is God’s answer.

a. Israel smites 25,100 by strategic ambush.

b. 600 Benjamites flee to rock of Rimmon.


F. Tribe of Benjamin preserved (21:1-25)

1. Danger of extinction – Israel vowed at Mizpah not to give daughters to Benjamin for wives.

2. Israel’s plan executed to keep Israel from losing a tribe.

a. Jabesh-gilead destroyed for not helping Israel in battle with Benjamin – 400 virgin daughters taken for wives.

b. Remainder taken from virgins of Shiloh at a feast.

3. All Israel returns to their inheritance.




 a. Benjamites                              Lodging place of Levite

 b. Gibeah                                   Number of Benjamites that died in war

 c. Mizpah                                  Where 400 virgins were found for wives

 d. Jebus                                     Left-handed marksmen

 e. 25, 100                                 Where oath against Benjamin was made

 f. Bethel                                     Jerusalem

 g. Jabesh-gilead                         Survivors who flee to Rock of Rimmon

 h. Bethlehem-judah                    Number of Israelites who died in war

 i. 600 Benjamites                       Where more virgins were found for wives

 j. Shiloh                                     Where counsel of God was asked

                                                  The place where God’s tabernacle dwelt

2. What did the people do in the days of no king in Israel?

3. Why did the Levite return to Bethlehem-judah?  

4. What hospitality was lacking when the Levite first arrived in Gibeah?

5. What evil contemplated in 19:22 has already occurred in the Bible?

6. What evil did the inhabitants of Gibeah do?

7. What did the Levite to the body of his concubine?  

8. What did the Israelites determine to do at Mizpah?  

9. Who was the high priest in Israel during these days?

10. How did the Benjamites’ early victories lead to their defeat?

11. What was Israel’s attitude toward the defeated Benjamites?

12. Why was Jabesh-gilead smitten?  

13. How were the fathers of Shiloh to be answered regarding the taking of their virgin daughters?