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A. Gideon strengthened by hearing prophetic dream (7:9-14)

1. The Dream: Cake of barley bread flattens tent of Midian

2. Meaning: Sword of Gideon – Into his hand God has delivered Midian

B. Gideon and 300 men defeat the Midianites (7:15-25)

1. Men divided into 3 companies.

2. Men equipped with trumpets, empty pitchers and torches

3. Strategy: upon signal, blow trumpets; break pitchers, exposing torches, and sound battle cry – “the sword of the Jehovah and Gideon”

4. The Result: startled enemy kills own men, put to flight and intercepted with help of Ephraim.

a. Two princes of Midian, Oreb, and Zeeb are put to death.

C. Gideon pacifies Ephraim’s anger (8:1-3)

1. Ephraim angry for not being called at beginning to fight Midian.

2. Gideon points to the greater fruits of their work – capturing Oreb and Zeeb.

D. Gideon pursues and defeats Zebah and Zalmunna east of Jordan (8:4-21).

1. Warning to inhabitants of Succoth and Penuel for not aiding Gideon and his men.

2. Gideon captures kings of Midian at Nobah.

3. Seventy seven elders of Succoth punished with thorns of wilderness, and tower of  Penuel overthrown and inhabitants killed.

4. Zebah and Zalmunna are slain by Gideon.


E. Gideon’s later days (8:22-35)

1. Gideon declines offer to rule over Israel – Jehovah shall rule.

2. Gideon takes spoil of Midianites to make ephod – becomes snare to Israel.

3. Gideon brings 40 years of rest from the enemy.

4. Gideon has many wives – 70 sons.

a. Abimelech born of concubine in Shechem

5. As soon as Gideon dies – people make Baalberith their god and show no kindness to house of Gideon.


1. How did the details of the dream of one of the Midianites fit both Gideon and the Midianites?

2. How many proofs did God give Gideon that He would deliver Israel from Midian before the actual deliverance?

3. Was Gideon fearful of his enemy, faithful unto God, or both?

4. Gideon’s men were divided into how many companies, and with what were each equipped?

5. What was their battle cry?

6. How did the enemy react?

7. How did the men of Ephraim help in the victory over Midian?

8. How did Gideon soothe their anger?

9. Whom did Gideon pursue and capture to finish off the victory over Midian?

10. When all was finished, how many had Gideon and 300 men defeated?

11. Who was Jether, and why did he balk from obeying Gideon’s command?

12. Why were the cities of Succoth and Penuel punished by Gideon?

13. What was Gideon’s response when the people wanted him to rule over them?

14. What did Gideon make that became a snare unto the people of Israel?

15. Gideon had ____________________ wives and _________________ children.

16. Where was Gideon buried?

17. What three things happened soon after Gideon died?