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8. Did Israel repent?        Explain.

9. How did God look upon their misery?

10. Locate where the children of Israel gathered to find a leader against the children of Ammon.

11. Whom did they choose and upon what grounds did he accept?   

12. Why did Jephthah flee to land of Tob?

13. What was the cause of war between the children of Ammon and Israel?  

14. Between which two rivers was the land that was under question?

15. Had Israel taken the land from the children of Ammon?


16. Give three reasons why Ammon should not war against Israel.   



A. The Judgeship of Jephthah (11:29-12:7)

1. Jephthah’s vow and victory over the children of Ammon (11:29-33)

a. Vow: if given victory, will offer as burnt offering whatsoever comes to meet him out of his house.

b. Victory: children of Ammon subdued and defeated from Aroer to Minnith.

2. Jephthah sadly carries out vow – offers unto Jehovah his daughter (11:34-40)

a. Daughter willingly submits, but is allowed to go with companions and bewail her virginity for two months.

b. Jephthah does with her according to his vow, and she knew not a man.

c. Four days a year set aside for daughters of Israel to celebrate (lament) the daughter of Jephthah.

3. Jephthah defeats complaining Ephraim (12:1-6)

a. Ephraim complains that they were not called to battle the children of Ammon- threatens to burn Jephthah’s house.

b. Jephthah reminds them of their lack of help when he called them.

c. Battle between Gileadites and Ephraim ensues at fords of the Jordan River.

(1). “Shibboleth” – “ear of corn, and a stream” becomes password – Ephraim could only pronounce it “Sibboleth”

(2). 42,000 of Ephraim fall in battle.

4. Jephthah dies and is buried in one of the cities of Gilead (12:7).


B. The Judgeship of Ibzan (12:8-10)

1. Of Bethlehem – buried there.

2. Had thirty sons and daughters

a. Sent thirty daughters abroad and brought in thirty daughters for his sons.

3. Judged Israel seven years

C. The Judgeship of Elon (12:11-12)

1. Of Zebulun

2. Judged Israel ten years

3. Died and buried in Aijalon in land of Zebulun.

D. The Judgeship of Abdon (12:13-15)

1. Of Pirathon in Ephraim

2. Had forty sons and thirty grandsons – rode on seventy ass colts.

3. Judged Israel eight years

4. Died and was buried in Pirathon in the land of Ephraim


1. What happened to Jephthah that made him ready to go to war?

2. The battle with the children of Ammon was fought (a) on the west side of the Jordan, (b) on the east side of the Jordan. or (c) on the Jordan River?

3. What did Jephthah promise God if He would give victory to Israel against the children of Ammon?  


4. What caused Jephthah to be made low after returning from victory over the children of Ammon?   

5. What was the daughter’s attitude toward Jephthah’s vow?

6. What did Jephthah do to carry out his vow before God?

7. How was Jephthah’s daughter remembered by the daughters of Israel?  

8. Why was Ephraim complaining to Jephthah?

 Was their complaint justified?

9. Why did the Gileadites smite Ephraim?

10. How was Ephraim detected for lying?

11. How many of Ephraim died during the battle with the Gileadites?

12. Jephthah judged Israel _______________ years.

13. Match the judges with their homes:

 (a)  Ibzan                         (1)   Zebulun

 (b)  Jephthah                    (2)  Bethlehem

 (c)  Elon                           (3)  Mizpah

 (d)  Abdon                        (4)  Pirathon (Ephraim)             

14. What do you think the conditions were like in Israel the next 25 years following the death of Jephthah?