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I. Luke’s Gospel: The Beginnings (1:1-25)

A. Introductory remarks to Theophilus concerning the purpose for Gospel narrative (1:1-4) :

1. To deliver full and accurate narrative of Gospel

2. To establish Theophilus in what he had learned.

B. The promise of the birth of John (1:5-17)

1. The spiritual and physical state of future parents Zacharias and Elisabeth (v.5-7)

2. Wondrous promise of John’s birth in answer to prayer (v. 8-13)

3. Wondrous blessings John would bring (v. 14-17)

a. Many will rejoice at his birth.

b. Considered great in the sight of the Lord.

c. Filled with Holy Spirit from mother’s womb – does not drink wine or strong drink.

d. Shall turn many unto the Lord

e. Many turned to righteousness – people prepared for the Lord.

4. Zacharias’s disbelief leads to his forced silence until John’s birth (1:18-23).

C. Elisabeth conceives and hides for five months (1:24-25).


1. Luke’s Gospel was (a) a historical narrative (b) a historical narrative of fulfilled prophecy (c) a Jewish folklore.

2. Luke’s Gospel was pieced together from accounts of ______________________ and ___________________ of the ________________.

3. Since the events in Luke’s Gospel was given by others, the Gospel of Luke was not verbally inspired of God. (T) (F)

4. What do you know about Theophilus?

5. Who was Herod at the time of the promise of John’s birth?

6. What was the “course of Abijah”?

7. John’s mother, Elisabeth, was of the lineage of Aaron. (T) (F)

8. Describe the character of Zacharias and Elisabeth:

9. What was Zacharias doing when the angel appeared to him?

10. What had Zacharias been doing regarding his wife, Elisabeth?

11. What name did the angel say the son born to Zacharias and Elisabeth would be?

12. John would be ________________ in the sight of ________________________.

13. John would not drink________________ or _________________________.

14. John would be filled with what? Does this mean he empowered to work miracles?

15. Describe what all would be involved in John turning many of Israel unto the Lord?

16. What happened to Zacharias when he disbelieved Gabriel’s announcement?

17. Does God expect us to believe His message even when it seems improbable?

18. What did Elisabeth do when she conceived?

19. How important was having children among the Jews?