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A. Jesus commends the offering of the poor widow (v. 1-4)

B. Jesus prophesies concerning the destruction of the temple (v. 5-36)

 1. Occasioned by some speaking of the temple’s great adornments (v. 5-7)

 2. Warnings from events that do not point to imminent end (v. 8-19)

                (a). Those coming in Christ’s name: saying “I am He.”

                (b). Wars and tumults

                (c).  Earthquakes, famines and pestilence

                (d). Persecution of disciples

            3. Desolation at hand when Jerusalem is compassed with armies (v. 20-28)

                (a). Days of vengeance

                (b). Woe to those with child

                (c). Some will fall by the sword.

                (d). Some will be carried away to captivity.

                (e).  Powers of heaven shaken

                (f). Son of Man coming in judgment of God

                (g). Lift head – redemption is drawing nigh.

4. Parable of Fig Tree – and all trees - summer is nigh – kingdom of God is nigh (v. 29-33).

5. Exhortation to watch (v. 34-36)

              C. Jesus spends days in the temple teaching, and nights on Mount Olivet (v. 37-38).


1. Where were the rich and the poor widow casting their offerings?

2. From the example of the poor widow, how does Jesus look at our offerings?

3. What were some saying about the temple that caused Jesus to prophesy of its destruction?

4. What two questions were asked of Jesus concerning the temple’s destruction?

5. What three warnings does Jesus give to help His hearers not be led astray concerning the time of the temple’s destruction?

6. What would happen to His apostles before the temple would be destroyed?

7. What does Jesus tell His apostles not to do?  Why?  Give an example of this prediction coming true:

8. Explain the apparent contradiction between “some of you shall they cause to be put to death” (v. 16) and “not a hair of your head shall perish” (v. 18).  

9. What was the sign Jesus gave indicating the destruction of the temple was imminent?

10. When did the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem occur?  Jesus promised it would be a time of __________________________.  Explain.

11. What did the signs in the heavens signify?

12. What did seeing the Son of man coming in a cloud signify?

13. Who would see it?

14. What lesson is to be learned from the Parable of the Fig Tree and all trees?

15. What were the hearers to do in order to escape the coming destruction?  Does this have meaning for us today?

16. How did Jesus spend His time during His last week before His death?



A. The plan of the chief priests and scribes to kill Jesus – Judas’ agreement (v. 1-6)

B. Jesus’ directives for the preparation of the Passover (v. 7-13)

C. The Passover and the institution of the Lord’s Supper (v. 14-23)

D. The Apostles’ dispute over greatness (v. 24-30)

E. Jesus foretells of Peter’s denial and return (v. 31-34).

F. Jesus prepares apostles to be equipped for personally dangerous times (v. 35-38).

G. Jesus prays and encourages prayer on the Mount of Olives (v. 39-46).

H. Jesus betrayed with a kiss – His reaction (v. 47-53)


1. The feast of unleavened bread was called ________   __________________________.   What is the connection?  

2. In the plot of the chief priests and scribes to kill Jesus, what did they fear?  What role did Judas play to relieve these fears?

3. _______________ entered Judas to betray Jesus.  How?

4. How accurate was Jesus in His telling Peter and John what would occur when they went to prepare for the beginning of the feast of unleavened bread?

5. What was going to be fulfilled in the Kingdom of God?  

6. What did Jesus take FIRST and tell His apostles to divide among themselves?

7. How many specific elements are in the Lord’s supper?   What does each element bring to our mind in memorial?

8. What caused the apostles to begin questioning themselves?

9. What contention occurred among the apostles?

10. What did Jesus teach us that would erase such contentious thought?

11. What did Jesus appoint and promise the apostles?  Have these things been fulfilled yet?    Explain your answer:

12. What did Satan want to do with Peter?  What kept him from his desire?

13. What lesson do you learn from Peter’s claim the he was ready to both go to prison and die, instead of denying the Lord?

14. Jesus said that before the cock would crow this day Peter would ___________________Jesus__________________times.

15. Jesus said to his apostles that one should sell his _________________ and buy a ___________________.  Why?

16. What was specifically written concerning Jesus that He said must have fulfillment?

17. What did Jesus mean when he prayed, “…remove this cup from Me?”

18. Who came to strengthen Jesus at this time?

19. What did Jesus’s sweat become as when He prayed the more earnestly?

20. What is Jesus’s remedy for times of temptation and trial?

21. How did Judas betray Jesus?

22. How did one of the apostles react to Jesus’ betrayal?

23. What was Jesus’ reaction to His betrayal?