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(Jerry Fite)


A. In the morning, Jesus taken bound from the Jewish council to the questioning Pilate (v.1-5).

B. Pilate complies with his custom of releasing one prisoner at the feast of the Passover (v.6-15).

1. Chief priests stir multitude to ask for Barabbas' release.

2. Jesus scourged and delivered to be crucified.

C. The soldiers mock Jesus as a King and beat Jesus before they lead Him to be crucified (v.16-20).

D. Simon of Cyrene compelled to bear Jesus' cross (v. 21).

E. Jesus crucified at Golgotha with two robbers at 9:00 A.M. (v.22-32).

1. Jesus refuses wine mingled with myrrh.

2. Soldiers part and cast lots for Jesus' garments.

3. Jesus mocked as Christ, the king of Israel by reproaching passers by.

F. Darkness covers the land from 12:00 noon to 3:00 P.M. when Jesus dies on the cross (v. 33-41).

1. Jesus' cries construed as calling for Elijah.

2. A reed supporting a sponge of vinegar is lifted up to Jesus.

3. When Jesus gifts up the ghost the veil in the temple is rent from top to bottom.

4. A centurion confesses Jesus as Son of God.

5. Ministering women from Galilee behold the crucifixion from afar.

G. Jesus' body released to Joseph of Arimathaea for burial in his new tomb (v.42-47).

1. Pilate marvels that Jesus is already dead - confirmed by centurion.

2. Joseph takes down Jesus' body and wound Him in a linen cloth and rolls a stone against the

door of the tomb.

3. Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses beholds where Jesus is laid.


1. Who comprised the "whole council" that held a consultation against Jesus?

2. When did the council deliver Jesus to Pilate?

3. Did Jesus acknowledge to Pilate that He is "King of the Jews"?

4. What caused Pilate to marvel at Jesus?

5. What was a custom of Pilate during the Jewish feast of the Passover?

6. Why was Barabbas bound as a prisoner?

7. When the multitude asked Pilate to fulfill his custom, what opportunity did this provide for Pilate?

8. Why did Pilate's opportunity vanish?

9. What does it mean when we read that Jesus was "scourged"?

10. What was the "Praetorium" from which Jesus was led away from Pilate?

11. What did the soldiers do to Jesus before they led him away to be crucified?

12. What was Simon of Cyrene "compelled" to do ?

13. Where was Jesus crucified?

14. What was offered Jesus when he came to the place of his crucifixion?

Did he accept it?

15. What time of day was Jesus crucified?

How long did he go through his agony on the cross?

16. What accusation was placed as a "superscription" on the cross of Jesus?

17. Who all reproached Jesus as he hang on the cross?

18. How was the impending death of Jesus the basis for each reproach?

19. What took place from the sixth hour till the ninth hour during Jesus' crucifixion?

Was this event out of the ordinary?

20. What was Jesus crying that some, who stood by, interpreted as His crying for Elijah?

21. What did they do to satisfy their curiosity?

22. When Jesus died, the veil in the temple was torn from the bottom to the top. (T) (F).

Why is this event significant?

23. When Jesus died, what did a centurion confess about Jesus?

24. Who were the women who watched from afar the crucifixion of Jesus?

25. What was "the Preparation" in verse 42?

26. Who was Joseph of Arimathaea?

27. What "bold" thing did he do?

28. Joseph of Arimathaea took Jesus' body from the cross. (T) (F)

29. What did Joseph of Arimathaea do with the wrapped body of Jesus?

30. What evidence do we have that Jesus' "dead" body was laid at a "certain" place?