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(Jerry Fite)


A. The visit of the women to Jesus' tomb (v.1-8).

B. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene (v. 9-11).

C. Jesus appears to two in the Country (v. 12-13).

D. Jesus appears to the eleven and gives the commission to preach the gospel to all creation (v. 14-18).

E. Jesus' ascension to Heaven (v. 19-20).


1. Who were the three women who came to the tomb early on the first day of the week?

2. Why did they come?

3. What did the women see when they looked up at the tomb?

4. When the women came to the tomb of Jesus they saw:

(a) an angel

(b) a young man

(c) two angels

(d) all of the above.

5. At the tomb of Jesus what was said to the women about Jesus the Nazarene?

6. In verses 6-7, put together the type of evidence that points to Jesus' resurrection from the dead?

7. Did the women leave the tomb with joy when they fled with fear?

8. To whom did Jesus appear first when He arose from the grave?  

Where in the Gospels do you find more detail of this encounter?

9. To whom did this person go and tell of Jesus' resurrection?

What was the reaction?

10. How did Jesus appear to the two walking into the country?

Where in the Gospels do you find more detail of this encounter?

11. What did these two do after they saw Jesus?

What was the reaction?

12. What did Jesus do when He met with the eleven apostles?

13. What was to be preached to the whole creation?

Was this ever accomplished?

14. What does Jesus say that one must do in order to be saved?

15. Why did Jesus not mention baptism when he said, "but he that disbelieveth shall be condemned"?

16. What did Jesus say would accompany those who believe?

What was the purpose of these things?

17. How many days had transpired between Jesus' resurrection and the event of verse 19?

18. What did Jesus do when he was received up unto heaven?

What is the significance of this fact?